Hidenori Tanaka
Hidenori Tanaka
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Osmotic stress responses and plant growth controlled by potassium transporters in Arabidopsis
Y Osakabe, N Arinaga, T Umezawa, S Katsura, K Nagamachi, H Tanaka, ...
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Abiotic stress‐inducible receptor‐like kinases negatively control ABA signaling in Arabidopsis
H Tanaka, Y Osakabe, S Katsura, S Mizuno, K Maruyama, K Kusakabe, ...
The Plant Journal 70 (4), 599-613, 2012
Overproduction of the membrane-bound receptor-like protein kinase 1, RPK1, enhances abiotic stress tolerance in Arabidopsis
Y Osakabe, S Mizuno, H Tanaka, K Maruyama, K Osakabe, D Todaka, ...
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Arabidopsis DPB3-1, a DREB2A interactor, specifically enhances heat stress-induced gene expression by forming a heat stress-specific transcriptional complex with NF-Y subunits
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Phenotypic diversification by enhanced genome restructuring after induction of multiple DNA double-strand breaks
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Plastid‐targeted forms of restriction endonucleases enhance the plastid genome rearrangement rate and trigger the reorganization of its genomic architecture
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Polypeptide for genome shuffling in plants, and use therefor
N Muramoto, T Tanaka, H Tanaka, Y Ritsuko, H Sugimoto
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Extended‐TAQing system for large‐scale plant genome reorganization
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Method of modifying genome of organism and use thereof
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Method of inducing genetic recombination, and use therefor
N Muramoto, H Tanaka, H Sugimoto, N Mitsukawa, A Ikeuchi, ...
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Method of breeding eukaryote using protein having double-stranded dna cleavage activity
H Tanaka, N Muramoto, H Sugimoto, T Tanaka
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