Akira Baba
Akira Baba
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Electropolymerization and doping/dedoping properties of polyaniline thin films as studied by electrochemical-surface plasmon spectroscopy and by the quartz crystal microbalance
A Baba, S Tian, F Stefani, C Xia, Z Wang, RC Advincula, D Johannsmann, ...
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Investigating work function tunable hole-injection/transport layers of electrodeposited polycarbazole network thin films
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Simultaneous surface plasmon optical and electrochemical investigation of layer-by-layer self-assembled conducting ultrathin polymer films
A Baba, MK Park, RC Advincula, W Knoll
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Electroactivity of Polyaniline Multilayer Films in Neutral Solution and Their Electrocatalyzed Oxidation of β‐Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
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Conjugated oligothiophene-dendron-capped CdSe nanoparticles: Synthesis and energy transfer
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Polyelectrolyte adsorption processes characterized in situ using the quartz crystal microbalance technique: alternate adsorption properties in ultrathin polymer films
A Baba, F Kaneko, RC Advincula
Colloids and Surfaces A: physicochemical and engineering aspects 173 (1-3 …, 2000
Optical properties of ultrathin poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) films at several doping levels studied by in situ electrochemical surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
A Baba, J Lübben, K Tamada, W Knoll
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Electrochemical surface plasmon resonance and waveguide-enhanced glucose biosensing with N-alkylaminated polypyrrole/glucose oxidase multilayers
A Baba, P Taranekar, RR Ponnapati, W Knoll, RC Advincula
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Grating-coupled surface plasmon enhanced short-circuit current in organic thin-film photovoltaic cells
A Baba, N Aoki, K Shinbo, K Kato, F Kaneko
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (6), 2080-2084, 2011
Quantitative electrochemical and electrochromic behavior of terthiophene and carbazole containing conjugated polymer network film precursors: EC-QCM and EC-SPR
P Taranekar, T Fulghum, A Baba, D Patton, R Advincula
Langmuir 23 (2), 908-917, 2007
Conjugated poly (phenylacetylene) films cross-linked with electropolymerized polycarbazole precursors
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In situ investigations on the electrochemical polymerization and properties of polyaniline thin films by surface plasmon optical techniques
A Baba, RC Advincula, W Knoll
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (7), 1581-1587, 2002
Signal enhancement and tuning of surface plasmon resonance in Au nanoparticle/polyelectrolyte ultrathin films
G Jiang, A Baba, H Ikarashi, R Xu, J Locklin, KR Kashif, K Shinbo, K Kato, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (50), 18687-18694, 2007
In Situ Investigations of the Electrodeposition and Electrochromic Properties of Poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Ultrathin Films by Electrochemical− Surface Plasmon Spectroscopy
C Xia, RC Advincula, A Baba, W Knoll
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Thiophene dendron jacketed poly (amidoamine) dendrimers: nanoparticle synthesis and adsorption on graphite
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Conjugated polymer network films from precursor polymers: Electrocopolymerization of a binary electroactive monomer composition
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Nanopatterning and Fabrication of Memory Devices from Layer-by-Layer Poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)− Poly (styrene sulfonate) Ultrathin Films
G Jiang, A Baba, R Advincula
Langmuir 23 (2), 817-825, 2007
Polymer thin film photodegradation and photochemical crosslinking: FT-IR imaging, evanescent waveguide spectroscopy, and QCM investigations
MD Millan, J Locklin, T Fulghum, A Baba, RC Advincula
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SPR-based DNA detection with metal nanoparticles
K Tamada, F Nakamura, M Ito, X Li, A Baba
Plasmonics 2 (4), 185-191, 2007
Enhancement of surface plasmon resonance signals by gold nanoparticles on high-density DNA microarrays
M Ito, F Nakamura, A Baba, K Tamada, H Ushijima, KHA Lau, A Manna, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (31), 11653-11662, 2007
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