Quanquan C. Liu
Quanquan C. Liu
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Structural Rounding: Approximation Algorithms for Graphs Near an Algorithmically Tractable Class
ED Demaine, TD Goodrich, K Kloster, B Lavallee, QC Liu, BD Sullivan, ...
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Red-blue and standard pebble games: complexity and applications in the sequential and parallel models
Q Liu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017
Fully Dynamic -Coloring in Constant Update Time
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Fine-Grained I/O Complexity via Reductions: New lower bounds, faster algorithms, and a time hierarchy
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Parallel Batch-Dynamic k-Clique Counting
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Polylogarithmic Fully Retroactive Priority Queues via Hierarchical Checkpointing
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Static-Memory-Hard Functions, and Modeling the Cost of Space vs. Time
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Kibitz: End-to-End Recommendation System Builder
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Closing the Gap Between Cache-oblivious and Cache-adaptive Analysis
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Red-Blue Pebble Game: Complexity of Computing the Trade-Off between Cache Size and Memory Transfers
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Cache-Adaptive Exploration: Experimental Results and Scan-Hiding for Adaptivity
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Clickomania is hard, even with two colors and columns
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Tatamibari is NP-complete
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Parallel Algorithms for Small Subgraph Counting
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Upward partitioned book embeddings
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Static-Memory-Hard Functions and Nonlinear Space-Time Tradeoffs via Pebbling
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Parallel Batch-Dynamic -Core Decomposition
QC Liu, J Shi, S Yu, L Dhulipala, J Shun
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Dynamic Distributed MIS with Improved Bounds
S Antaki, QC Liu, S Solomon
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Arboral satisfaction: Recognition and LP approximation
ED Demaine, V Ganesan, V Kontsevoi, Q Liu, Q Liu, F Ma, O Nachum, ...
Information Processing Letters 127, 1-5, 2017
論文 1–20