Akira Kusaba
Akira Kusaba
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Thermodynamic analysis of (0001) and GaN metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
A Kusaba, Y Kangawa, P Kempisty, H Valencia, K Shiraishi, Y Kumagai, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 56 (7), 070304, 2017
DFT modeling of carbon incorporation in GaN(0001) and GaN(000) metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
P Kempisty, Y Kangawa, A Kusaba, K Shiraishi, S Krukowski, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (14), 141602, 2017
Advances in modeling semiconductor epitaxy: Contributions of growth orientation and surface reconstruction to InN metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
A Kusaba, Y Kangawa, P Kempisty, K Shiraishi, K Kakimoto, A Koukitu
Applied Physics Express 9 (12), 125601, 2016
Modeling the Non-Equilibrium Process of the Chemical Adsorption of Ammonia on GaN (0001) Reconstructed Surfaces Based on Steepest-Entropy-Ascent Quantum Thermodynamics
A Kusaba, G Li, MR von Spakovsky, Y Kangawa, K Kakimoto
Materials 10 (8), 948, 2017
CH4 Adsorption Probability on GaN (0001) and (000− 1) during Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy and Its Relationship to Carbon Contamination in the Films
A Kusaba, G Li, P Kempisty, MR von Spakovsky, Y Kangawa
Materials 12 (6), 972, 2019
Thermodynamic analysis of semipolar GaN and AlN under metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy growth conditions
Y Seta, AM Pradipto, T Akiyama, K Nakamura, T Ito, A Kusaba, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58 (SC), SC1014, 2019
Theoretical approach to surface reconstruction of InN (0001) during raised-pressure metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy
A Kusaba, Y Kangawa, Y Honda, H Amano, K Kakimoto
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 55 (5S), 05FM01, 2016
Real-time observation system development for high-temperature liquid/solid interfaces and its application to solid-source solution growth of AlN
Y Kangawa, A Kusaba, H Sumiyoshi, H Miyake, M Boćkowski, K Kakimoto
Applied Physics Express 8 (6), 065601, 2015
Sparsity-Promoting Dynamic Mode Decomposition of Plasma Turbulence
A Kusaba, T Kuboyama, S Inagaki
Plasma and Fusion Research 15, 1301001, 2020
Thermodynamic analysis for nonpolar III-nitride surfaces under metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy conditions
T Shimizu, Y Seta, T Akiyama, AM Pradipto, K Nakamura, T Ito, A Kusaba, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 59 (2), 028003, 2020
Electronic structure analysis of core structures of threading dislocations in GaN
T Nakano, K Chokawa, M Araidai, K Shiraishi, A Oshiyama, A Kusaba, ...
2019 Compound Semiconductor Week (CSW), 1-2, 2019
III 族窒化物半導体における表面・界面の構造および極性の理論解析
秋山亨, 中村浩次, 伊藤智徳, 草場彰, 寒川義裕
日本結晶成長学会誌 45 (1), 3-45-1-03, 2018
Theoretical study on the effect of H2 and NH3 on trimethylgallium decomposition process in GaN MOVPE
S Sakakibara, K Chokawa, M Araidai, A Kusaba, Y Kangawa, K Shiraishi
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 60 (4), 045507, 2021
Progress in Modeling Compound Semiconductor Epitaxy: Unintentional Doping in GaN MOVPE
Y Kangawa, A Kusaba, P Kempisty, K Shiraishi, S Nitta, H Amano
Crystal Growth & Design 21 (3), 1878-1890, 2021
Unsupervised Feature Value Selection Based on Explainability
K Shin, K Okumoto, DL Shepard, A Kusaba, T Hashimoto, J Amari, ...
Agents and Artificial Intelligence: 12th International Conference, ICAART …, 2021
Facet stability of GaN during tri-halide vapor phase epitaxy: an ab initio-based approach
D Yosho, Y Matsuo, A Kusaba, P Kempisty, Y Kangawa, H Murakami, ...
CrystEngComm 23 (6), 1423-1428, 2021
Predictive Nonlinear Modeling by Koopman Mode Decomposition
A Kusaba, K Shin, D Shepard, T Kuboyama
2020 International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW), 811-819, 2020
Unsupervised Clustering based on Feature-value/Instance Transposition Selection
A Kusaba, T Hashimoto, K Shin, DL Shepard, T Kuboyama
2020 IEEE REGION 10 CONFERENCE (TENCON), 1192-1197, 2020
Estimating efficiency of AlGaN light-emitting diodes with numerical simulations
K Sakowski, K Yamada, K Sato, P Kempisty, M Iwaya, H Miyake, P Strak, ...
Journal of the Japanese Association for Crystal Growth 47 (3), 47-3-05, 2020
Twitter Topic Progress Visualization using Micro-clustering
T Hashimoto, A Kusaba, D Shepard, T Kuboyama, K Shin, T Uno
9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods …, 2020
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