Pei Zhang
Pei Zhang
Gunma University, Karolinska Institutet International Open Laboratory
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Challenges, progress and promises of metabolite annotation for LC–MS-based metabolomics
R Chaleckis, I Meister, P Zhang, CE Wheelock
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Twin derivatization strategy for high-coverage quantification of free fatty acids by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry
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Quantitative evaluation of the compatibility effects of huangqin decoction on the treatment of irinotecan-induced gastrointestinal toxicity using untargeted metabolomics
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Influences of normalization method on biomarker discovery in gas chromatography–mass spectrometry-based untargeted metabolomics: what should be considered?
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Renal medulla is more sensitive to cisplatin than cortex revealed by untargeted mass spectrometry-based metabolomics in rats
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Discovery of potential biomarkers with dose-and time-dependence in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity using metabolomics integrated with a principal component-based area …
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Dan-Qi prescription ameliorates insulin resistance through overall corrective regulation of glucose and fat metabolism
Z Xie, TL Truong, P Zhang, F Xu, X Xu, P Li
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Branched-chain amino acids as predictors for individual differences of cisplatin nephrotoxicity in rats: a pharmacometabonomics study
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Creating a reliable mass spectral–retention time library for all ion fragmentation-based metabolomics
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A pharmacometabonomic approach using predose serum metabolite profiles reveals differences in lipid metabolism in survival and non-survival rats treated with lipopolysaccharide
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Integrated metabolomics and network pharmacology strategy-driven active traditional chinese medicine ingredients discovery for the alleviation of cisplatin nephrotoxicity
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Correlation-based deconvolution (CorrDec) to generate high-quality MS2 spectra from data-independent acquisition in multisample studies
I Tada, R Chaleckis, H Tsugawa, I Meister, P Zhang, N Lazarinis, ...
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An extendable all-in-one injection twin derivatization LC-MS/MS strategy for the absolute quantification of multiple chemical-group-based submetabolomes
Y Huang, Y Jiao, Y Gao, P Zhang, W Huang, Y Liu, Y Huang, Y Tian, ...
Analytica chimica acta 1063, 99-109, 2019
Tackling the complexity of the exposome: considerations from the Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research (GIAR) exposome symposium
P Zhang, M Arora, R Chaleckis, T Isobe, M Jain, I Meister, E Melén, ...
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Metabolomicsdriven identification of adenosine deaminase as therapeutic target in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease
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Dissecting target toxic tissue and tissue specific responses of irinotecan in rats using metabolomics approach
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Frontiers in pharmacology 8, 122, 2017
Jiawei Erzhiwan improves menopausal metabolic syndrome by enhancing insulin secretion in pancreatic β cells
WAN Xiao-Meng, M Zhang, P Zhang, XIE Zhi-Shen, XU Feng-Guo, Z Ping, ...
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HPLC–MS/MS method for the determination of four lignans from Phyllanthus urinaria L. in rat plasma and its application
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High-precision automated workflow for urinary untargeted metabolomic epidemiology
I Meister, P Zhang, A Sinha, CM Sköld, ÅM Wheelock, T Izumi, ...
Analytical chemistry 93 (12), 5248-5258, 2021
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