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Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning: A Survey
S Minaee, Y Boykov, F Porikli, A Plaza, N Kehtarnavaz, D Terzopoulos
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Deep-Covid: Predicting Covid-19 From Chest X-ray Images Using Deep Transfer Learning
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Deep Learning Based Text Classification: A Comprehensive Review
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Deep-Emotion: Facial Expression Recognition Using Attentional Convolutional Network
S Minaee, M Minaei, A Abdolrashidi
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An Experimental Study of Deep Convolutional Features for Iris Recognition
S Minaee, A Abdolrashidiy, Y Wang
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Iris Recognition Using Scattering Transform and Textural Features
S Minaee, AA Abdolrashidi, Y Wang
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Palmprint Recognition Using Deep Scattering Network
S Minaee, Y Wang
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Biometrics recognition using deep learning: A survey
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An ADMM approach to masked signal decomposition using subspace representation
S Minaee, Y Wang
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Screen content image segmentation using robust regression and sparse decomposition
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Screen content image segmentation using least absolute deviation fitting
S Minaee, Y Wang
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A Geometric Approach to Fully Automatic Chromosome Segmentation
S Minaee, M Fotouhi, BH Khalaj
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COVID-19 in Iran: a deeper look into the future
R Kafieh, R Arian, N Saeedizadeh, S Minaee, SK Yadav, A Vaezi, ...
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Screen Content Image Segmentation Using Sparse-Smooth Decomposition
S Minaee, A Abdolrashidi, Y Wang
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Deep-sentiment: Sentiment analysis using ensemble of cnn and bi-lstm models
S Minaee, E Azimi, AA Abdolrashidi
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Fingerprint recognition using translation invariant scattering network
S Minaee, Y Wang
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Automatic question-answering using a deep similarity neural network
S Minaee, Z Liu
IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP …, 2017
MTBI identification from diffusion MR images using bag of adversarial visual features
S Minaee, Y Wang, A Aygar, S Chung, X Wang, YW Lui, E Fieremans, ...
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Highly accurate palmprint recognition using statistical and wavelet features
S Minaee, AA Abdolrashidi
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Screen Content Image Segmentation Using Sparse Decomposition and Total Variation Minimization
S Minaee, Y Wang
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2016, 2016
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