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Koyo Norinaga
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Production of levoglucosenone and dihydrolevoglucosenone by catalytic reforming of volatiles from cellulose pyrolysis using supported ionic liquid phase
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Classification of water sorbed in coal on the basis of congelation characteristics
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Detailed chemical kinetic modelling of vapour-phase cracking of multi-component molecular mixtures derived from the fast pyrolysis of cellulose
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Catalytic effects of Na and Ca from inexpensive materials on in-situ steam gasification of char from rapid pyrolysis of low rank coal in a drop-tube reactor
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In-situ reforming of tar from the rapid pyrolysis of a brown coal over char
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Detailed chemical kinetic modeling of pyrolysis of ethylene, acetylene, and propylene at 1073–1373 K with a plug‐flow reactor model
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Pyrolysis of propane under vacuum carburizing conditions: An experimental and modeling study
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Measurement of Self-Diffusion Coefficient of Asphaltene in Pyridine by Pulsed Field Gradient Spin−Echo 1H NMR
K Norinaga, VJ Wargardalam, S Takasugi, M Iino, S Matsukawa
Energy & fuels 15 (5), 1317-1318, 2001
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