Shigeki Kawai
Shigeki Kawai
National Institute for Materials Science
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Atomically controlled substitutional boron-doping of graphene nanoribbons
S Kawai, S Saito, S Osumi, S Yamaguchi, AS Foster, P Spijker, E Meyer
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-6, 2015
Probing atomic structure and Majorana wavefunctions in mono-atomic Fe chains on superconducting Pb surface
R Pawlak, M Kisiel, J Klinovaja, T Meier, S Kawai, T Glatzel, D Loss, ...
npj Quantum Information 2 (1), 1-5, 2016
Superlubricity of graphene nanoribbons on gold surfaces
S Kawai, A Benassi, E Gnecco, H Söde, R Pawlak, X Feng, K Müllen, ...
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Systematic achievement of improved atomic-scale contrast via bimodal dynamic force microscopy
S Kawai, T Glatzel, S Koch, B Such, A Baratoff, E Meyer
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Extended halogen bonding between fully fluorinated aromatic molecules
S Kawai, A Sadeghi, F Xu, L Peng, A Orita, J Otera, S Goedecker, E Meyer
Acs Nano 9 (3), 2574-2583, 2015
Van der Waals interactions and the limits of isolated atom models at interfaces
S Kawai, AS Foster, T Björkman, S Nowakowska, J Björk, FF Canova, ...
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Towards atomic force microscopy up to 100 MHz
H Kawakatsu, S Kawai, D Saya, M Nagashio, D Kobayashi, H Toshiyoshi, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 73 (6), 2317-2320, 2002
Multiscale approach for simulations of Kelvin probe force microscopy with atomic resolution
A Sadeghi, A Baratoff, SA Ghasemi, S Goedecker, T Glatzel, S Kawai, ...
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Ultrasensitive detection of lateral atomic-scale interactions on graphite (0001) via bimodal dynamic force measurements
S Kawai, T Glatzel, S Koch, B Such, A Baratoff, E Meyer
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An ultrasmall amplitude operation of dynamic force microscopy with second flexural mode
S Kawai, S Kitamura, D Kobayashi, S Meguro, H Kawakatsu
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Atomic-Scale Mechanical Properties of Orientated C60 Molecules Revealed by Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy
R Pawlak, S Kawai, S Fremy, T Glatzel, E Meyer
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Image distortions of a partially fluorinated hydrocarbon molecule in atomic force microscopy with carbon monoxide terminated tips
N Moll, B Schuler, S Kawai, F Xu, L Peng, A Orita, J Otera, A Curioni, ...
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Multiple heteroatom substitution to graphene nanoribbon
S Kawai, S Nakatsuka, T Hatakeyama, R Pawlak, T Meier, J Tracey, ...
Science advances 4 (4), eaar7181, 2018
Quantifying the atomic-level mechanics of single long physisorbed molecular chains
S Kawai, M Koch, E Gnecco, A Sadeghi, R Pawlak, T Glatzel, J Schwarz, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (11), 3968-3972, 2014
Thermal control of sequential on-surface transformation of a hydrocarbon molecule on a copper surface
S Kawai, V Haapasilta, BD Lindner, K Tahara, P Spijker, JA Buitendijk, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-7, 2016
Functionalized truxenes: adsorption and diffusion of single molecules on the KBr (001) surface
B Such, T Trevethan, T Glatzel, S Kawai, L Zimmerli, E Meyer, AL Shluger, ...
ACS nano 4 (6), 3429-3439, 2010
Resolving atomic connectivity in graphene nanostructure junctions
T Dienel, S Kawai, H Söde, X Feng, K Müllen, P Ruffieux, R Fasel, ...
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Obtaining Detailed Structural Information about Supramolecular Systems on Surfaces by Combining High-Resolution Force Microscopy with ab Initio Calculations
S Kawai, A Sadeghi, X Feng, P Lifen, R Pawlak, T Glatzel, A Willand, ...
ACS nano 7 (10), 9098-9105, 2013
Interaction-induced atomic displacements revealed by drift-corrected dynamic force spectroscopy
S Kawai, T Glatzel, S Koch, A Baratoff, E Meyer
Physical Review B 83 (3), 035421, 2011
Atomic contact potential variations of Si (111)-7× 7 analyzed by Kelvin probe force microscopy
S Kawai, T Glatzel, HJ Hug, E Meyer
Nanotechnology 21 (24), 245704, 2010
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