Jun-ichi Itoh
Jun-ichi Itoh
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo
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Rice plant development: from zygote to spikelet
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PLASTOCHRON1, a timekeeper of leaf initiation in rice, encodes cytochrome P450
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A large-scale collection of phenotypic data describing an insertional mutant population to facilitate functional analysis of rice genes
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ABERRANT PANICLE ORGANIZATION 2/RFL, the rice ortholog of Arabidopsis LEAFY, suppresses the transition from inflorescence meristem to floral meristem through …
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A recessive heterochronic mutation, plastochron1, shortens the plastochron and elongates the vegetative phase in rice
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superwoman1‐cleistogamy, a hopeful allele for gene containment in GM rice
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Role of transposon-derived small RNAs in the interplay between genomes and parasitic DNA in rice
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PLASTOCHRON3/GOLIATH encodes a glutamate carboxypeptidase required for proper development in rice
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The rice FISH BONE gene encodes a tryptophan aminotransferase, which affects pleiotropic auxin‐related processes
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Rice OPEN BEAK is a negative regulator of class 1 knox genes and a positive regulator of class B floral homeotic gene
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The SHOOTLESS2 and SHOOTLESS1 genes are involved in both initiation and maintenance of the shoot apical meristem through regulating the number of indeterminate cells
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