Komorita Tomohiro
Komorita Tomohiro
Prefectural University of Kumamoto
確認したメール アドレス: pu-kumamoto.ac.jp
茂堤 裕昭、堤 彩、高松 篤志、木村 千寿子、永田 紗矢香、佃
海の研究 16, 1-20, 2007
Food sources for Ruditapes philippinarum in a coastal lagoon determined by mass balance and stable isotope approaches
T Komorita, R Kajihara, H Tsutsumi, S Shibanuma, T Yamada, S Montani
Plos one 9 (1), 2014
Trophic magnification of polychlorinated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in an estuarine food web of the Ariake Sea, Japan
J Kobayashi, Y Imuta, T Komorita, K Yamada, H Ishibashi, F Ishihara, ...
Chemosphere 118, 201-206, 2015
Reevaluation of the nutrient mineralization process by infaunal bivalves (Ruditapes philippinarum) in a shallow lagoon in Hokkaido, Japan
T Komorita, R Kajihara, H Tsutsumi, S Shibanuma, T Yamada, N Higaki, ...
Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 383 (1), 8-16, 2010
Contribution of the development of the stratification of water to the expansion of Dead Zone: a sedimentological approach
R Orita, A Umehara, T Komorita, JW Choi, S Montani, T Komatsu, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 164, 204-213, 2015
Widespread dispersal and bio-accumulation of toxic microcystins in benthic marine ecosystems
A Umehara, T Takahashi, T Komorita, R Orita, JW Choi, R Takenaka, ...
Chemosphere 167, 492-500, 2017
Implications of changes in the benthic environment and decline of macro-benthic communities in the inner part of Ariake Bay in relation to seasonal hypoxia
H Tsutsumi, A Takamatsu, S Nagata, R Orita, A Umehara, T Komorita, ...
Plankton and Benthos Research 10 (4), 187-201, 2015
小森田智大, 梅原亮, 田井明, 高橋徹, 堤裕昭
海の研究 23 (1), 1-12, 2014
Impact of low temperature during the winter on the mortality in the post-settlement period of the juvenile of short-neck clam, Ruditapes philippinarum, on the tidal flats in …
T Komorita, S Shibanuma, T Yamada, R Kajihara, M Tsukuda, S Montani
Plankton and Benthos Research 4 (1), 31-37, 2009
Short-term dynamics of cyanobacterial toxins (microcystins) following a discharge from a coastal reservoir in Isahaya Bay, Japan
A Umehara, T Komorita, A Tai, T Takahashi, R Orita, H Tsutsumi
Marine pollution bulletin 92 (1-2), 73-79, 2015
Possibility of direct utilization of seagrass and algae as main food resources by small gastropod, Lacuna decorata, in a subarctic lagoon, Hichirippu, eastern Hokkaido, Japan …
R Kajihara, T Komorita, A Hamada, S Shibanuma, T Yamada, S Montani
Plankton and Benthos Research 5 (3), 90-97, 2010
Ecosystem and nutrient dynamics in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan
N Yoshie, X Guo, N Fujii, T Komorita
Interdisciplinary Studies on Environmental Chemistry, Modeling and Analysis …, 2011
堤裕昭, 野村龍之介, 田上貴文, 小森田智大, 岩崎敏治, 藤森隆美
日本ベントス学会誌 67 (2), 47-55, 2013
Oceanic nutrient supply and uptake by microphytobenthos of the Hichirippu Lagoon, Hokkaido, Japan
T Komorita, H Tsutsumi, R Kajihara, N Suga, S Shibanuma, T Yamada, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 446, 161-171, 2012
Biomagnification Process of Total Mercury In the Macro-benthic Communities in an Enclosed Bay, Isahaya Bay, Kyushu, Japan
W Jaingam, T Komorita, S Ishimatsu, R Takenaka, A Umehara, ...
環境毒性学会誌 21 (1), 9-20, 2018
Accumulation of organic matter within a muddy carpet created by the Asian date mussel, Arcuatula senhousia, on the Midori River tidal flats, Japan
R Takenaka, T Komorita, H Tsutsumi
Plankton and Benthos Research 13 (1), 1-9, 2018
Historical occurrence of the short-neck clam, Ruditapes philippinarum (Adams & Reeve, 1850), on the sandy flats of Ariake Bay, Kyushu, western Japan
S Shimoyama, T Ichihara, K Tsukano, M Kabashima, N Momoshima, ...
Plankton and Benthos Research 10 (4), 202-214, 2015
水環境学会誌 38 (3), 75-80, 2015
田井明, 赤松良久, 山本浩一, 小森田智大, 服部敬太朗, 乾隆帝, ...
土木学会論文集 B1 (水工学) 74 (4), I_481-I_486, 2018
竹中理佐, 小森田智大, 堤裕昭
日本ベントス学会誌 71 (1), 17-24, 2016
論文 1–20