Yusuke Yonamine
Yusuke Yonamine
Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University
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Layer-by-layer nanoarchitectonics: invention, innovation, and evolution
K Ariga, Y Yamauchi, G Rydzek, Q Ji, Y Yonamine, KCW Wu, JP Hill
Chemistry Letters 43 (1), 36-68, 2014
Temperature‐Responsive “Catch and Release” of Proteins by using Multifunctional Polymer‐Based Nanoparticles
K Yoshimatsu, BK Lesel, Y Yonamine, JM Beierle, Y Hoshino, KJ Shea
Angewandte Chemie 124 (10), 2455-2458, 2012
Mechanochemical tuning of the binaphthyl conformation at the air–water interface
D Ishikawa, T Mori, Y Yonamine, W Nakanishi, DL Cheung, JP Hill, ...
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Research update: Mesoporous sensor nanoarchitectonics
K Ariga, Y Yamauchi, Q Ji, Y Yonamine, JP Hill
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A polymer nanoparticle with engineered affinity for a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF165)
H Koide, K Yoshimatsu, Y Hoshino, SH Lee, A Okajima, S Ariizumi, ...
Nature Chemistry 9 (7), 715, 2017
A polymer nanoparticle with engineered affinity for a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF165)
H Koide, K Yoshimatsu, Y Hoshino, SH Lee, A Okajima, S Ariizumi, ...
Nature Chemistry 9 (7), 715, 2017
Supramolecular 1-D polymerization of DNA origami through a dynamic process at the 2-dimensionally confined air–water interface
Y Yonamine, K Cervantes-Salguero, K Minami, I Kawamata, W Nakanishi, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (18), 12576-12581, 2016
Polymer nanoparticle–protein interface. Evaluation of the contribution of positively charged functional groups to protein affinity
Y Yonamine, K Yoshimatsu, SH Lee, Y Hoshino, Y Okahata, KJ Shea
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ELISA-mimic screen for synthetic polymer nanoparticles with high affinity to target proteins
Y Yonamine, Y Hoshino, KJ Shea
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Driving nanocars and nanomachines at interfaces: from concept of nanoarchitectonics to actual use in world wide race and hand operation
Y Shirai, K Minami, W Nakanishi, Y Yonamine, C Joachim, K Ariga
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Nanoarchitectonics of molecular aggregates: science and technology
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Light-triggered charge reversal of organic–silica hybrid nanoparticles
LC Hu, Y Yonamine, SH Lee, WE van der Veer, KJ Shea
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High-throughput label-free molecular fingerprinting flow cytometry
K Hiramatsu, T Ideguchi, Y Yonamine, SW Lee, Y Luo, K Hashimoto, T Ito, ...
Science advances 5 (1), eaau0241, 2019
Epitope discovery for a synthetic polymer nanoparticle: a new strategy for developing a peptide tag
K Yoshimatsu, T Yamazaki, Y Hoshino, PE Rose, LF Epstein, LP Miranda, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (4), 1194-1197, 2014
Mechanically Induced Opening–Closing Action of Binaphthyl Molecular Pliers: Digital Phase Transition versus Continuous Conformational Change
T Mori, D Ishikawa, Y Yonamine, Y Fujii, JP Hill, I Ichinose, K Ariga, ...
ChemPhysChem 18 (11), 1470-1474, 2017
Conformation manipulation and motion of a double paddle molecule on an Au (111) surface
WH Soe, Y Shirai, C Durand, Y Yonamine, K Minami, X Bouju, M Kolmer, ...
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Preparation of nanogel-immobilized porous gel beads for affinity separation of proteins: fusion of nano and micro gel materials
Y Hoshino, Y Arata, Y Yonamine, SH Lee, A Yamasaki, R Tsuhara, ...
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In situ 2D-extraction of DNA wheels by 3D through-solution transport
Y Yonamine, K Cervantes-Salguero, W Nakanishi, I Kawamata, K Minami, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (48), 32122-32125, 2015
pH-Responsive Cotton Effects in the d–d Transition Band of Self-Assembling Copper (II) Complexes with a Cholesteryl-Armed Ligand
T Sagami, S Umemoto, YO Tahara, M Miyata, Y Yonamine, D Ishikawa, ...
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 90 (6), 739-745, 2017
Monitoring photosynthetic activity in microalgal cells by Raman spectroscopy with deuterium oxide as a tracking probe
Y Yonamine, Y Suzuki, T Ito, Y Miura, K Goda, Y Ozeki, Y Hoshino
ChemBioChem 18 (20), 2063-2068, 2017
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