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The ExoMol database: molecular line lists for exoplanet and other hot atmospheres
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Original Research By Young Twinkle Students (ORBYTS): when can students start performing original research?
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Communication: Tunnelling splitting in the phosphine molecule
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Molecular simulations for the spectroscopic detection of atmospheric gases
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Photochemistry of Anoxic Abiotic Habitable Planet Atmospheres: Impact of New HO Cross-Sections
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ATMOS: Towards Resolving Ambiguities in the Spectroscopic Detection of Life
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VizieR Online Data Catalog: ExoMol line lists for phosphine (PH3) (Sousa-Silva+
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Phosphine on Venus Cannot be Explained by Conventional Processes
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Maintaining Infrared Exoplanet Transit and Eclipse Measurement Capability in the Post JWST Era
M Swain, M Werner, G Vasisht, C Sousa-Silva, R Hu
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