Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma
SNSF Post Doctoral Fellow at Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, On, Canada
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Synthesis of a Bimetallic Dodecaborate LiNaB12H12 with Outstanding Superionic Conductivity
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Theoretical study of B12HnF (12− n) 2− species
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Reaction Pathways in Ca(BH4)2–NaNH2 and Mg(BH4)2–NaNH2 Hydrogen-Rich Systems
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Facile Synthesis, Size-Separation, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Properties of Thiolated Copper Clusters
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Twisted and tubular silica structures by anionic surfactant fibers encapsulation
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Correlating Boron–Hydrogen Stretching Frequencies with Boron–Hydrogen Bond Lengths in Closoboranes: An Approach Using DFT Calculations
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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (40), 22456-22466, 2019
Experimental and theoretical studies of boron and hydrogen containing compounds in relation to potential hydrogen storage and ionic conduction applications
M Sharma
University of Geneva, 2017
L He, HW Li, H Nakajima, N Tumanov, Y Filinchuk, SJ Hwang, M Sharma, ...
Chem. Mater 27, 5483-5486, 2015
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