Nicolò Drago
Nicolò Drago
von Humboldt fellow, University of Würzburg
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The generalised principle of perturbative agreement and the thermal mass
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A new class of fermionic projectors: Møller operators and mass oscillation properties
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The algebra of Wick polynomials of a scalar field on a Riemannian manifold
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Thermal state with quadratic interaction
N Drago
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Global wave parametrices on globally hyperbolic spacetimes
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Relative entropy and entropy production for equilibrium states in pAQFT
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The notion of observable and the moment problem for ∗ -algebras and their GNS representations
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An operational construction of the sum of two non-commuting observables in quantum theory and related constructions
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Equilibrium States in Thermal Field Theory and in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
JB de Góes Vasconcellos, N Drago, N Pinamonti
Annales Henri Poincaré, 1-43, 0
論文 1–16