Sten Vollebregt
Sten Vollebregt
Assistant professor, Delft University of Technology, EKL (DIMES), The Netherlands
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Influence of the growth temperature on the first and second-order Raman band ratios and widths of carbon nanotubes and fibers
S Vollebregt, R Ishihara, FD Tichelaar, Y Hou, CIM Beenakker
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Impact of the atomic layer deposition precursors diffusion on solid-state carbon nanotube based supercapacitors performances
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High Quality Wafer-scale CVD Graphene on Molybdenum Thin Film for Sensing Application
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Stretchable binary fresnel lens for focus tuning
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Electrical characterization of carbon nanotube vertical interconnects with different lengths and widths
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Effects of Conformal Nanoscale Coatings on Thermal Performance of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
C Silvestri, M Riccio, RH Poelma, A Jovic, B Morana, S Vollebregt, A Irace, ...
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The direct growth of carbon nanotubes as vertical interconnects in 3D integrated circuits
S Vollebregt, R Ishihara
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High performance single-grain Ge TFTs without seed substrate
T Chen, R Ishihara, MRT Mofrad, S Vollebregt, J van der Cingel, ...
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A transfer-free wafer-scale CVD graphene fabrication process for MEMS/NEMS sensors
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3D solid-state supercapacitors obtained by ALD coating of high-density carbon nanotubes bundles
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Towards the Integration of Carbon Nanotubes as Vias in Monolithic Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits
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Carbon nanotubes TSV grown on an electrically conductive ZrN support layer
S Vollebregt, S Banerjee, FD Tichelaar, R Ishihara
2015 IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference and 2015 IEEE …, 2015
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