Takizawa Hiroyuki
Takizawa Hiroyuki
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Evaluating performance and portability of OpenCL programs
K Komatsu, K Sato, Y Arai, K Koyama, H Takizawa, H Kobayashi
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CheCUDA: A checkpoint/restart tool for CUDA applications
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Hierarchical parallel processing of large scale data clustering on a PC cluster with GPU co-processing
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CheCL: Transparent checkpointing and process migration of OpenCL applications
H Takizawa, K Koyama, K Sato, K Komatsu, H Kobayashi
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SPRAT: Runtime processor selection for energy-aware computing
H Takizawa, K Sato, H Kobayashi
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NVCR: A transparent checkpoint-restart library for NVIDIA CUDA
A Nukada, H Takizawa, S Matsuoka
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A distributed and cooperative load balancing mechanism for large-scale P2P systems
Y Murata, T Inaba, H Takizawa, H Kobayashi
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Xevolver: An XML-based code translation framework for supporting HPC application migration
H Takizawa, S Hirasawa, Y Hayashi, R Egawa, H Kobayashi
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Performance evaluation of NEC SX-9 using real science and engineering applications
T Soga, A Musa, Y Shimomura, R Egawa, K Itakura, H Takizawa, K Okabe, ...
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A self-organizing overlay network to exploit the locality of interests for effective resource discovery in P2P systems
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Locality analysis to control dynamically way-adaptable caches
H Kobayashi, I Kotera, H Takizawa
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Resisting sybil attack by social network and network clustering
L Xu, S Chainan, H Takizawa, H Kobayashi
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Power-aware dynamic cache partitioning for CMPs
I Kotera, K Abe, R Egawa, H Takizawa, H Kobayashi
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On the altitude dependence of the spectral characteristics of decametre-wavelength E region backscatter and the relationship with optical auroral forms
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Potential of a modern vector supercomputer for practical applications: performance evaluation of SX-ACE
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Radiative heat transfer simulation using programmable graphics hardware
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Modeling of cache access behavior based on Zipf's law
I Kotera, R Egawa, H Takizawa, H Kobayashi
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Xevtgen: Fortran code transformer generator for high performance scientific codes
R Suda, H Takizawa, S Hirasawa
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Parallel processing of the Building-Cube Method on a GPU platform
K Komatsu, T Soga, R Egawa, H Takizawa, H Kobayashi, S Takahashi, ...
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A comparison of performance tunabilities between OpenCL and OpenACC
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