Eniko Magyari
Eniko Magyari
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Holocene persistence of wooded steppe in the Great Hungarian Plain
EK Magyari, JC Chapman, DG Passmore, JRM Allen, JP Huntley, ...
Journal of Biogeography 37 (5), 915-935, 2010
Climate variability and associated vegetation response throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) between 60 and 8 ka
A Feurdean, A Perşoiu, I Tanţău, T Stevens, EK Magyari, BP Onac, ...
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EK Magyari, G Jakab, M Bálint, Z Kern, K Buczkó, M Braun
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Palaeolimnology of the last crater lake in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains: a multiproxy study of Holocene hydrological changes
E Magyari, K Buczkˇ, G Jakab, M Braun, Z Pßl, D Karßtson, I Pap
Hydrobiologia 631 (1), 29-63, 2009
Validation of climate model-inferred regional temperature change for late-glacial Europe
O Heiri, SJ Brooks, H Renssen, A Bedford, M Hazekamp, B Ilyashuk, ...
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Reconstructing hydrological variability from testate amoebae analysis in Carpathian peatlands
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Trends in biomass burning in the Carpathian region over the last 15,000 years
A Feurdean, A Spessa, EK Magyari, KJ Willis, D Veres, T Hickler
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A chironomid-based reconstruction of late glacial summer temperatures in the southern Carpathians (Romania)
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Retarded wetland succession: anthropogenic and climatic signals in a Holocene peat bog profile from north‐east Hungary
E Magyari, P Sümegi, M Braun, G Jakab, M Molnár
Journal of Ecology 89 (6), 1019-1032, 2001
Late Pleniglacial vegetation in eastern-central Europe: are there modern analogues in Siberia?
EK Magyari, P Kuneš, G Jakab, P Sümegi, B Pelánková, F Schäbitz, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 95, 60-79, 2014
A guide to screening charcoal peaks in macrocharcoal-area records for fire-episode reconstructions
W Finsinger, R Kelly, J Fevre, EK Magyari
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Palynological and plant macrofossil data on Late Pleistocene short-term climatic oscillations in NE-Hungary
E Magyari, G Jakab, E Rudner, P Sümegi
Proceedings of the 5 EPPC, Acta Palaeobotanica Supplement 2, 491-502, 1999
Chironomid-inferred Holocene temperature changes in the South Carpathians (Romania)
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The Holocene 25 (4), 569-582, 2015
Vegetation and environmental responses to climate forcing during the Last Glacial Maximum and deglaciation in the East Carpathians: attenuated response to maximum cooling and …
EK Magyari, D Veres, V Wennrich, B Wagner, M Braun, G Jakab, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 106, 278-298, 2014
Population dynamics and genetic changes of Picea abies in the South Carpathians revealed by pollen and ancient DNA analyses
EK Magyari, Á Major, M Bálint, J Nédli, M Braun, I Rácz, L Parducci
BMC evolutionary biology 11 (1), 66, 2011
The ‘oriental’component of the Balkan flora: evidence of presence on the Thracian Plain during the Weichselian late‐glacial
EK Magyari, JC Chapman, B Gaydarska, E Marinova, T Deli, JP Huntley, ...
Journal of Biogeography 35 (5), 865-883, 2008
Climatic versus human modification of the Late Quaternary vegetation in Eastern Hungary
E Magyari
Unpublished Ph. D. Thesis, University of Debrecen, Hungary, 2002
Diatom-inferred lateglacial and Holocene climatic variability in the South Carpathian Mountains (Romania)
K Buczkó, EK Magyari, M Braun, M Bálint
Quaternary International 293, 123-135, 2013
A new paleobotanical method for the description of Late Quaternary organic sediments (Mire-development pathways and paleoclimatic records from S Hungary)
G Jakab, P Sümegi, E Magyari
Acta Geologica Hungarica 47 (4), 373-409, 2004
A 13,600-year diatom oxygen isotope record from the South Carpathians (Romania): Reflection of winter conditions and possible links with North Atlantic circulation changes
EK Magyari, A Demény, K Buczkó, Z Kern, T Vennemann, I Fórizs, ...
Quaternary International 293, 136-149, 2013
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