Toru Utsunomiya
Toru Utsunomiya
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
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Vacuum-ultraviolet photoreduction of graphene oxide: Electrical conductivity of entirely reduced single sheets and reduced micro line patterns
Y Tu, T Ichii, T Utsunomiya, H Sugimura
Applied Physics Letters 106 (13), 133105, 2015
Ferrocene-terminated alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers: An electrochemical and in situ surface-enhanced infra-red absorption spectroscopy study
AV Rudnev, U Zhumaev, T Utsunomiya, C Fan, Y Yokota, K Fukui, ...
Electrochimica acta 107, 33-44, 2013
Self‐Assembly of Graphene Oxide on Silicon Substrate via Covalent Interaction: Low Friction and Remarkable Wear‐Resistivity
HP Mungse, Y Tu, T Ichii, T Utsunomiya, H Sugimura, OP Khatri
Advanced Materials Interfaces 3 (3), 1500410, 2016
Comparative studies of photoelectron spectroscopy and voltammetry of ferrocene-terminated self-assembled monolayers possessing different electron-donating abilities
Y Yokota, Y Mino, Y Kanai, T Utsunomiya, A Imanishi, MA Wolak, R Schlaf, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (20), 10936-10943, 2014
Potential-dependent hydration structures at aqueous solution/graphite interfaces by electrochemical frequency modulation atomic force microscopy
T Utsunomiya, Y Yokota, T Enoki, K Fukui
Chemical Communications 50 (98), 15537-15540, 2014
Chemical conversion of self-assembled hexadecyl monolayers with active oxygen species generated by vacuum ultraviolet irradiation in an atmospheric environment
AIA Soliman, T Ichii, T Utsunomiya, H Sugimura
Soft matter 11 (28), 5678-5687, 2015
Vacuum-ultraviolet promoted oxidative micro photoetching of graphene oxide
Y Tu, T Utsunomiya, T Ichii, H Sugimura
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (16), 10627-10635, 2016
Self-assembled thin film of imidazolium ionic liquid on a silicon surface: Low friction and remarkable wear-resistivity
R Gusain, S Kokufu, PS Bakshi, T Utsunomiya, T Ichii, H Sugimura, ...
Applied Surface Science 364, 878-885, 2016
Fabrication of reduced graphene oxide micro patterns by vacuum-ultraviolet irradiation: From chemical and structural evolution to improving patterning precision by light …
Y Tu, H Nakamoto, T Ichii, T Utsunomiya, OP Khatri, H Sugimura
Carbon 119, 82-90, 2017
Decoration of reduced graphene oxide by gold nanoparticles: an enhanced negative photoconductivity
Q Wang, Y Tu, T Ichii, T Utsunomiya, H Sugimura, L Hao, R Wang, X He
Nanoscale 9 (38), 14703-14709, 2017
Electronic-state changes of ferrocene-terminated self-assembled monolayers induced by molecularly thin ionic liquid layers: A combined atomic force microscopy, X-ray …
Y Yokota, Y Mino, Y Kanai, T Utsunomiya, A Imanishi, K Fukui
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (32), 18467-18480, 2015
Potential-dependent structures investigated at the perchloric acid solution/iodine modified Au (111) interface by electrochemical frequency-modulation atomic force microscopy
T Utsunomiya, S Tatsumi, Y Yokota, K Fukui
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (19), 12616-12622, 2015
Vacuum ultraviolet trimming of oxygenated functional groups from oxidized self-assembled hexadecyl monolayers in an evacuated environment
AIA Soliman, T Utsunomiya, T Ichii, H Sugimura
Applied Surface Science 416, 971-979, 2017
Enhancing the electrical conductivity of vacuum-ultraviolet-reduced graphene oxide by multilayered stacking
Y Tu, T Utsunomiya, T Ichii, H Sugimura
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2017
True Molecular-resolution Imaging on Alkanethiol Self-assembled Monolayers in Ionic Liquids by Frequency Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy Utilizing a Quartz Tuning Fork Sensor
T Ichii, Y Furutani, M Negami, T Utsunomiya, K Murase, H Sugimura
Chemistry Letters 44 (4), 459-461, 2015
Voltammetric and in situ frequency modulation atomic force microscopic investigation of phenalenyl derivatives adsorbed on graphite surfaces
T Utsunomiya, Y Yokota, T Enoki, Y Hirao, T Kubo, K Fukui
Carbon 77, 184-190, 2014
Low Damage Reductive Patterning of Oxidized Alkyl Self-Assembled Monolayers through Vacuum Ultraviolet Light Irradiation in an Evacuated Environment
AIA Soliman, Y Tu, T Utsunomiya, T Ichii, H Sugimura
Langmuir 33 (41), 10829-10837, 2017
Immobilization of reduced graphene oxide on hydrogen-terminated silicon substrate as a transparent conductive protector
Y Tu, T Utsunomiya, S Kokufu, M Soga, T Ichii, H Sugimura
Langmuir 33 (41), 10765-10771, 2017
1, 2-Epoxyalkane: Another Precursor for Fabricating Alkoxy Self-Assembled Monolayers on Hydrogen-Terminated Si (111)
AIA Soliman, T Utsunomiya, T Ichii, H Sugimura
Langmuir 34 (44), 13162-13170, 2018
Protective layer for cycloolefin polymer against an aromatic solvent prepared by chemical vapor deposition using cyclosiloxane as a raw molecule
T Utsunomiya, T Kanzawa, T Ichii, H Sugimura
Thin Solid Films 638, 28-33, 2017
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