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A 20-ch TDC/ADC Hybrid Architecture LiDAR SoC for 24096 Pixel 200-m Range Imaging With Smart Accumulation Technique and Residue Quantizing SAR ADC
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Amplifier circuit, ad converter, wireless communication device, and sensor system
K Yoshioka, M Furuta, J Matsuno, T Itakura
US Patent 9,577,659, 2017
A 1.6 GS/s 3.17 mW 6-b passive pipelined binary-search ADC with memory effect canceller and reference voltage calibration
K Tanaka, R Saito, H Ishikuro
ESSCIRC Conference 2015-41st European Solid-State Circuits Conference …, 2015
PhaseMAC: A 14 TOPS/W 8bit GRO based phase domain MAC circuit for in-sensor-computed deep learning accelerators
K Yoshioka, Y Toyama, K Ban, D Yashima, S Maya, A Sai, K Onizuka
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A voltage scaling 0.25–1.8 V delta-sigma modulator with inverter-opamp self-configuring amplifier
K Yoshioka, Y Toyama, T Jyo, H Ishikuro
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A 12.4 TOPS/W, 20% less gate count bidirectional phase domain MAC circuit for DNN inference applications
Y Toyama, K Yoshioka, K Ban, A Sai, K Onizuka
2018 IEEE Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference (A-SSCC), 1-4, 2018
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