Paul Voyles
Paul Voyles
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Atomic-scale imaging of individual dopant atoms and clusters in highly n-type bulk Si
PM Voyles, DA Muller, JL Grazul, PH Citrin, HJL Gossmann
Nature 416 (6883), 826-829, 2002
H2V3O8 Nanowire/Graphene Electrodes for Aqueous Rechargeable Zinc Ion Batteries with High Rate Capability and Large Capacity
Q Pang, C Sun, Y Yu, K Zhao, Z Zhang, PM Voyles, G Chen, Y Wei, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 8 (19), 1800144, 2018
Imaging individual atoms inside crystals with ADF-STEM
PM Voyles, JL Grazul, DA Muller
Ultramicroscopy 96 (3-4), 251-273, 2003
The vertical replacement-gate (VRG) MOSFET: A 50-nm vertical MOSFET with lithography-independent gate length
JM Hergenrother, D Monroe, FP Klemens, A Komblit, GR Weber, ...
International Electron Devices Meeting 1999. Technical Digest (Cat. No …, 1999
Picometre-precision analysis of scanning transmission electron microscopy images of platinum nanocatalysts
AB Yankovich, B Berkels, W Dahmen, P Binev, SI Sanchez, SA Bradley, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-7, 2014
Stabilization of copper catalysts for liquidphase reactions by atomic layer deposition
BJ O'Neill, DHK Jackson, AJ Crisci, CA Farberow, F Shi, AC AlbaRubio, ...
Angewandte Chemie 125 (51), 14053-14057, 2013
Morphology and crystallization kinetics in thin films grown by atomic layer deposition
MY Ho, H Gong, GD Wilk, BW Busch, ML Green, PM Voyles, DA Muller, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 93 (3), 1477-1481, 2003
Evaluation of connectivity, flux pinning, and upper critical field contributions to the critical current density of bulk pure and SiC-alloyed
A Matsumoto, H Kumakura, H Kitaguchi, BJ Senkowicz, MC Jewell, ...
Applied physics letters 89 (13), 132508, 2006
Nanoscale Structure and Structural Relaxation in Bulk Metallic Glass
J Hwang, ZH Melgarejo, YE Kalay, I Kalay, MJ Kramer, DS Stone, ...
Physical review letters 108 (19), 195505, 2012
Highperformance, quantum dot nanocomposites for nonlinear optical and optical gain applications
MA Petruska, AV Malko, PM Voyles, VI Klimov
Advanced Materials 15 (78), 610-613, 2003
Total reaction and 2n-removal cross sections of 20–60A MeV , , and on Si
RE Warner, RA Patty, PM Voyles, A Nadasen, FD Becchetti, JA Brown, ...
Physical Review C 54 (4), 1700, 1996
Fluctuation microscopy in the STEM
PM Voyles, DA Muller
Ultramicroscopy 93 (2), 147-159, 2002
Atom pair persistence in disordered materials from fluctuation microscopy
JM Gibson, MMJ Treacy, PM Voyles
Ultramicroscopy 83 (3-4), 169-178, 2000
Fast flexible electronics with strained silicon nanomembranes
H Zhou, JH Seo, DM Paskiewicz, Y Zhu, GK Celler, PM Voyles, W Zhou, ...
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-7, 2013
Fluctuation microscopy: a probe of atomic correlations in disordered materials
PM Voyles, JM Gibson, MMJ Treacy
Microscopy 49 (2), 259-266, 2000
Structure and physical properties of paracrystalline atomistic models of amorphous silicon
PM Voyles, N Zotov, SM Nakhmanson, DA Drabold, JM Gibson, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 90 (9), 4437-4451, 2001
Absence of an abrupt phase change from polycrystalline to amorphous in silicon with deposition temperature
PM Voyles, JE Gerbi, MMJ Treacy, JM Gibson, JR Abelson
Physical review letters 86 (24), 5514, 2001
Aluminum nanoscale order in amorphous measured by fluctuation electron microscopy
WG Stratton, J Hamann, JH Perepezko, PM Voyles, X Mao, SV Khare
Applied Physics Letters 86 (14), 141910, 2005
Influence of film composition in quaternary Heusler alloy Co2 (Mn, Fe) Si thin films on tunnelling magnetoresistance of Co2 (Mn, Fe) Si/MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions
H Liu, T Kawami, K Moges, T Uemura, M Yamamoto, F Shi, PM Voyles
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48 (16), 164001, 2015
Medium-range order in amorphous silicon measured by fluctuation electron microscopy
PM Voyles, JR Abelson
Solar energy materials and solar cells 78 (1-4), 85-113, 2003
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