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Evidences of biological control capacities of Streptomyces spp. against Sclerotium rolfsii responsible for damping-off disease in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)
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Plasma membrane depolarization induced by abscisic acid in Arabidopsis suspension cells involves reduction of proton pumping in addition to anion channel activation, which are …
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Discovery of oxidative burst in the field of plant immunity: looking back at the early pioneering works and towards the future development
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Cryptogein-induced anion effluxes: electrophysiological properties and analysis of the mechanisms through which they contribute to the elicitor-triggered cell death
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A putative role for fusaric acid in biocontrol of the parasitic angiosperm Orobanche ramosa
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Antagonistic action of harpin proteins: HrpWea from Erwinia amylovora suppresses HrpNea-induced cell death in Arabidopsis thaliana
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