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Jan Ernst
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Tell me where to look: Guided attention inference network
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Systems and methods for a gaze and gesture interface
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Geometric calibration of head-worn multi-camera eye tracking system
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Counterfactual visual explanations
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Weakly supervised summarization of web videos
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Depthsynth: Real-time realistic synthetic data generation from cad models for 2.5 d recognition
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Zero-shot deep domain adaptation
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End-to-end learning of keypoint detector and descriptor for pose invariant 3D matching
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Guided attention inference network
K Li, Z Wu, KC Peng, J Ernst, Y Fu
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Short term cloud coverage prediction using ground based all sky imager
S Sun, J Ernst, A Sapkota, E Ritzhaupt-Kleissl, J Wiles, J Bamberger, ...
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Rendering of design data
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Learning compositional visual concepts with mutual consistency
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Method and apparatus for verifying lighting setup used for visual inspection
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Systems and methods for tracking with discrete texture traces
J Ernst, MK Singh
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Discrete texture traces: Topological representation of geometric context
J Ernst, MK Singh, V Ramesh
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Sun location prediction in image space with astronomical almanac-based calibration using ground based camera
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Weakly supervised anomaly detection and segmentation in images
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Deep-learning based feature mining for 2.5 d sensing image search
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Training an rgb-d classifier with only depth data and privileged information
K Peng, Z Wu, J Ernst
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Real-time generation of synthetic data from multi-shot structured light sensors for three-dimensional object pose estimation
Z Wu, S Sun, S Kluckner, T Chen, J Ernst
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