Kazunori Terada
Kazunori Terada
Gifu university
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Artificial emotion expression for a robot by dynamic color change
K Terada, A Yamauchi, A Ito
2012 IEEE RO-MAN: The 21st IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human …, 2012
Different impressions of other agents obtained through social interaction uniquely modulate dorsal and ventral pathway activities in the social human brain
H Takahashi, K Terada, T Morita, S Suzuki, T Haji, H Kozima, ...
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Reactive movements of non-humanoid robots cause intention attribution in humans
K Terada, T Shamoto, A Ito, H Mei
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Can a robot deceive humans?
K Terada, A Ito
2010 5th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI …, 2010
Data analysis on solar irradiance and performance characteristics of solar modules with a test facility of various tilted angles and directions
H Nakamura, T Yamada, T Sugiura, K Sakuta, K Kurokawa
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Effects of agent appearance on customer buying motivations on online shopping sites
K Terada, L Jing, S Yamada
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Toward robots as embodied knowledge media
T Nishida, K Terada, T Tajima, M Hatakeyama, Y Ogasawara, Y Sumi, ...
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Emotional expression in simple line drawings of a robot's face leads to higher offers in the ultimatum game
K Terada, C Takeuchi
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Development of a cheap on-board vision mobile robot for robotic soccer research
T Nakamura, K Terada, A Shibata, J Morimoto, H Adachi, H Takeda
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Cooperation with autonomous machines through culture and emotion
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Haptic length display based on cutaneous-proprioceptive integration
K Terada, A Kumazaki, D Miyata, A Ito
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Active artifacts: for new embodiment relation between human and artifacts
K Terada
Proc. 7th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS-7 …, 2002
Human goal attribution toward behavior of artifacts
K Terada, T Shamoto, A Ito
RO-MAN 2008-The 17th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human …, 2008
Feasibility of autism‐focused public speech training using a simple virtual audience for autism spectrum disorder
H Kumazaki, T Muramatsu, K Kobayashi, T Watanabe, K Terada, ...
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Communication using robots: a Perception-action scenario in moderate ASD
I Giannopulu, K Terada, T Watanabe
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3D human head tracking using hypothesized polygon model
K Terada, A Oba, A Ito
2005 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics 2, 1396-1401, 2005
Method for complementing personal lost memory information with communication, and communication system, and information recording medium thereof
K Yamashita, K Matsumura, H Kubota, T Nishida, T Fukuhara, K Terada, ...
US Patent 6,950,026, 2005
Producing intentionality in eye-contact robot
A Ito, K Terada
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Artifact intelligence: Yet another approach for intelligent robots
H Takeda, K Terada, T Kawamura
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