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Catalytic oxidation of methane into methanol over copper-exchanged zeolites with oxygen at low temperature
K Narsimhan, K Iyoki, K Dinh, Y Román-Leshkov
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A working hypothesis for broadening framework types of zeolites in seed-assisted synthesis without organic structure-directing agent
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OSDA-free synthesis of MTW-type zeolite from sodium aluminosilicate gels with zeolite beta seeds
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Seed‐Assisted, One‐Pot Synthesis of Hollow Zeolite Beta without Using Organic Structure‐Directing Agents
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Broadening the applicable scope of seed-directed, organic structure-directing agent-free synthesis of zeolite to zincosilicate components: a case of VET-type zincosilicate zeolites
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Diol‐Linked Microporous Networks of Cubic Siloxane Cages
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Landscape of research areas for zeolites and metal-organic frameworks using computational classification based on citation networks
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Rational seed-directed synthesis of MSE-type zeolites using a simple organic structure-directing agent by extending the composite building unit hypothesis
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Formation of a dense non-crystalline layer on the surface of zeolite Y crystals under high-temperature steaming conditions
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Beta zeolite and method for producing same
K Itabashi, T Okubo, K Iyoki
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Hierarchical porous silica via solid-phase hydrolysis/polycondensation of cubic siloxane-based molecular units
K Iyoki, A Sugawara-Narutaki, A Shimojima, T Okubo
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Insights into the ion-exchange properties of Zn (ii)-incorporated MOR zeolites for the capture of multivalent cations
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