Anders S. Christensen
Anders S. Christensen
Universität Basel, Switzerland
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Semiempirical Quantum Mechanical Methods for Noncovalent Interactions for Chemical and Biochemical Applications
AS Christensen, T Kubař, Q Cui, M Elstner
Chemical reviews 116 (9), 5301-5337, 2016
Alchemical and structural distribution based representation for universal quantum machine learning
FA Faber, AS Christensen, B Huang, OA von Lilienfeld
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Operators in quantum machine learning: Response properties in chemical space
AS Christensen, FA Faber, OA von Lilienfeld
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Improving intermolecular interactions in DFTB3 using extended polarization from chemical-potential equalization
AS Christensen, M Elstner, Q Cui
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A universal density matrix functional from molecular orbital-based machine learning: Transferability across organic molecules
L Cheng, M Welborn, AS Christensen, TF Miller III
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PHAISTOS: A framework for Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation and inference of protein structure
W Boomsma, J Frellsen, T Harder, S Bottaro, KE Johansson, P Tian, ...
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A third-generation dispersion and third-generation hydrogen bonding corrected PM6 method: PM6-D3H+
JC Kromann, AS Christensen, C Steinmann, M Korth, JH Jensen
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QML: A Python toolkit for quantum machine learning
AS Christensen, FA Faber, B Huang, LA Bratholm, A Tkatchenko, ...
URL https://github. com/qmlcode/qml, 2017
DFTB3 parametrization for copper: the importance of orbital angular momentum dependence of hubbard parameters
M Gaus, H Jin, D Demapan, AS Christensen, P Goyal, M Elstner, Q Cui
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FCHL revisited: faster and more accurate quantum machine learning
AS Christensen, LA Bratholm, FA Faber, O Anatole von Lilienfeld
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Protein structure validation and refinement using amide proton chemical shifts derived from quantum mechanics
AS Christensen, TE Linnet, M Borg, W Boomsma, K Lindorff-Larsen, ...
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Definitive benchmark study of ring current effects on amide proton chemical shifts
AS Christensen, SPA Sauer, JH Jensen
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 7 (7), 2078-2084, 2011
Interface of the polarizable continuum model of solvation with semi-empirical methods in the GAMESS program
C Steinmann, KL Blædel, AS Christensen, JH Jensen
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Towards a barrier height benchmark set for biologically relevant systems
JC Kromann, AS Christensen, Q Cui, JH Jensen
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ProCS15: A DFT-based chemical shift predictor for backbone and Cβ atoms in proteins
AS Larsen, LA Bratholm, AS Christensen, M Channir, JH Jensen
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Random versus Systematic Errors in Reaction Enthalpies Computed Using Semiempirical and Minimal Basis Set Methods
JC Kromann, A Welford, AS Christensen, JH Jensen
ACS Omega 3 (4), 4372-4377, 2018
Bayesian inference of protein structure from chemical shift data
LA Bratholm, AS Christensen, T Hamelryck, JH Jensen
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Hybrid RHF/MP2 geometry optimizations with the effective fragment molecular orbital method
AS Christensen, C Steinmann, DG Fedorov, JH Jensen
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Operator quantum machine learning: Navigating the chemical space of response properties
AS Christensen, OA von Lilienfeld
CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry 73 (12), 1028-1031, 2019
Intermolecular interactions in the condensed phase: Evaluation of semi-empirical quantum mechanical methods
AS Christensen, JC Kromann, JH Jensen, Q Cui
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147 (16), 161704, 2017
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