Abel Carreras
Abel Carreras
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DynaPhoPy: A code for extracting phonon quasiparticles from molecular dynamics simulations
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Effects of Temperature on the Shape and Symmetry of Molecules and Solids
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Charge Delocalization, Oxidation States, and Silver Mobility in the Mixed Silver–Copper Oxide AgCuO2¤
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Photophysics of Molecular Aggregates from Excited State Diabatization
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Conformational analysis of enantiomerization coupled to internal rotation in triptycyl-n-helicenes
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Atomistic Origin of Phase Stability in Oxygen-Functionalized MXene
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Supporting Information for: Triangular graphene nanofragments: open-shell character and doping
ME Sandoval-Salinas, A Carreras, D Casanova
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