Giovanni Stefano
Giovanni Stefano
MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, Department of Plant Biology
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Assessing the role of root plasma membrane and tonoplast Na+/H+ exchangers in salinity tolerance in wheat: in planta quantification methods
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Arabidopsis RHD3 mediates the generation of the tubular ER network and is required for Golgi distribution and motility in plant cells
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ER–the key to the highway
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In Arabidopsis, the spatial and dynamic organization of the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus is influenced by the integrity of the C‐terminal domain of RHD3, a non …
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Multiple roles of ADP-ribosylation factor 1 in plant cells include spatially regulated recruitment of coatomer and elements of the Golgi matrix
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Unfolded protein response in plants: one master, many questions
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The endoplasmic reticulum exerts control over organelle streaming during cell expansion
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Sequential depolarization of root cortical and stelar cells induced by an acute salt shock – implications for Na+ and K+ transport into xylem vessels
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ARL1 plays a role in the binding of the GRIP domain of a peripheral matrix protein to the Golgi apparatus in plant cells
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Golgi traffic and integrity depend on N-myristoyl transferase-1 in Arabidopsis
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