Niraj Ramesh Dayama
Niraj Ramesh Dayama
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Adam: Adapting multi-user interfaces for collaborative environments in real-time
S Park, C Gebhardt, R Rädle, AM Feit, H Vrzakova, NR Dayama, HS Yeo, ...
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Guided deep reinforcement learning of control policies for dexterous human-robot interaction
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Approaches for solving the container stacking problem with route distance minimization and stack rearrangement considerations
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Combinatorial optimization of graphical user interface designs
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Optimal advertising on a two-dimensional web banner
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History-dependent scheduling: Models and algorithms for scheduling with general precedence and sequence dependence
NR Dayama, M Krishnamoorthy, A Ernst, N Rangaraj, V Narayanan
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On the Backbone VLAN Identifier (BVID) Allocation in 802.1 Qay Provider Backbone Bridged—Traffic Engineered Networks
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Foraging-based optimization of pervasive displays
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GRIDS: Interactive Layout Design with Integer Programming
NR Dayama, K Todi, T Saarelainen, A Oulasvirta
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New models and algorithms for the container stack rearrangement problem by yard cranes in maritime ports
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Facility location and routing decisions for a food delivery network
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Efficient Models, Formulations and Algorithms for Some Variants of Fixed Interval Scheduling Problems
D Niraj Ramesh, M Krishnamoorthy, AT Ernst
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CSIRO technical report EP136768
NR Dayama, A Ernst, M Krishnamoorthy, V Narayanan, N Rangaraj
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High-level teleoperation system for aerial exploration of indoor environments
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Layout as a Service (LaaS): A Service Platform for Self-Optimizing Web Layouts
M Laine, A Nakajima, N Dayama, A Oulasvirta
International Conference on Web Engineering, 19-26, 2020
Foraging-based Optimization of Menu Systems
NR Dayama, M Shiripour, A Oulasvirta, E Ivanko, A Karrenbaue
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.01292, 2020
Regular Paper Issue
DJ Miller, Z Xiang, G Kesidis, A Oulasvirta, NR Dayama, M Shiripour, ...
Scanning 108 (3), 2020
New approaches for solving the convoy movement problem
H Mokhtar, M Krishnamoorthy, NR Dayama, PNR Kumar
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Approaches and algorithms to solve generalized crane scheduling problems at cargo terminals
NR Dayama
Monash University, 2014
Approaches and Mathematical Models for Robust Solutions to Optimization Problems with Stochastic Problem Data Instances
NR Dayama, K Kulkarni
International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms, 76-80, 2012
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