Cedric De Boom
Cedric De Boom
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Representation learning for very short texts using weighted word embedding aggregation
C De Boom, S Van Canneyt, T Demeester, B Dhoedt
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Learning semantic similarity for very short texts
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Large-scale user modeling with recurrent neural networks for music discovery on multiple time scales
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Semantics-driven event clustering in Twitter feeds
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Optimizing the popularity of Twitter messages through user categories
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Robustifying the viterbi algorithm
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An HTTP/2 push-based framework for low-latency adaptive streaming through user profiling
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Lazy evaluation of convolutional filters
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Character-level recurrent neural networks in practice: comparing training and sampling schemes
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Learning representations for tweets through word embeddings
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Learning perception and planning with deep active inference
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Performance characterization of low-latency adaptive streaming from video portals
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Low-latency delivery of news-based video content
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Learning to grasp from a single demonstration
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Efficiency Evaluation of Character-level RNN Training Schedules
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Structured output prediction for semantic perception in autonomous vehicles
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Quantifying uncertainty of deep neural networks in skin lesion classification
P Van Molle, T Verbelen, C De Boom, B Vankeirsbilck, J De Vylder, ...
Uncertainty for Safe Utilization of Machine Learning in Medical Imaging and …, 2019
Rhythm, Chord and Melody Generation for Lead Sheets Using Recurrent Neural Networks
C De Boom, S Van Laere, T Verbelen, B Dhoedt
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Deep active inference for state estimation by learning from demonstration
C De Boom, T Verbelen, B Dhoedt
CCS2018, Complexity from Cells to Consciousness: Free Energy, Integrated …, 2018
Dynamic Narrowing of VAE Bottlenecks Using GECO and Regularization
C De Boom, S Wauthier, T Verbelen, B Dhoedt
arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.10901, 2020
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