Junwoo Son
Junwoo Son
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Epitaxial SrTiO 3 films with electron mobilities exceeding 30,000 cm 2 V− 1 s− 1
J Son, P Moetakef, B Jalan, O Bierwagen, NJ Wright, R Engel-Herbert, ...
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Low-dimensional Mott material: Transport in ultrathin epitaxial films
J Son, P Moetakef, JM LeBeau, D Ouellette, L Balents, SJ Allen, ...
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Reversible phase modulation and hydrogen storage in multivalent VO2 epitaxial thin films
H Yoon, M Choi, TW Lim, H Kwon, K Ihm, JK Kim, SY Choi, J Son
Nature materials 15 (10), 1113-1119, 2016
Nitrogen-passivated dielectric/InGaAs interfaces with sub-nm equivalent oxide thickness and low interface trap densities
V Chobpattana, J Son, JJM Law, R Engel-Herbert, CY Huang, S Stemmer
Applied Physics Letters 102 (2), 022907, 2013
Fixed charge in high-k/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor structures
J Son, V Chobpattana, BM McSkimming, S Stemmer
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Structural origins of the properties of rare earth nickelate superlattices
J Hwang, J Son, JY Zhang, A Janotti, CG Van de Walle, S Stemmer
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Conductivity enhancement of ultrathin films in superlattices
J Son, JM LeBeau, SJ Allen, S Stemmer
Applied Physics Letters 97 (20), 202109, 2010
A heterojunction modulation-doped Mott transistor
J Son, S Rajan, S Stemmer, S James Allen
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Nanoscale quantification of octahedral tilts in perovskite films
J Hwang, JY Zhang, J Son, S Stemmer
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Optical conductivity of LaNiO 3: Coherent transport and correlation driven mass enhancement
DG Ouellette, SB Lee, J Son, S Stemmer, L Balents, AJ Millis, SJ Allen
Physical Review B 82 (16), 165112, 2010
Suppression of near-Fermi level electronic states at the interface in a LaNiO 3/SrTiO 3 superlattice
AM Kaiser, AX Gray, G Conti, J Son, A Greer, A Perona, A Rattanachata, ...
Physical review letters 107 (11), 116402, 2011
Insulating state of ultrathin epitaxial LaNiO 3 thin films detected by hard X-ray photoemission
AX Gray, A Janotti, J Son, JM LeBeau, S Ueda, Y Yamashita, K Kobayashi, ...
Physical Review B 84 (7), 075104, 2011
Probing the metal-insulator transition of NdNiO3 by electrostatic doping
J Son, B Jalan, AP Kajdos, L Balents, S James Allen, S Stemmer
Applied Physics Letters 99 (19), 192107, 2011
Enhancing electron mobility in La-doped BaSnO3 thin films by thermal strain to annihilate extended defects
S Yu, D Yoon, J Son
Applied Physics Letters 108 (26), 262101, 2016
Band offsets in complex-oxide thin films and heterostructures of SrTiO3/LaNiO3 and SrTiO3/GdTiO3 by soft and hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
G Conti, AM Kaiser, AX Gray, S Nemšák, GK Pálsson, J Son, P Moetakef, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (14), 143704, 2013
Strong in-plane magnetic anisotropy in (111)-oriented CoFe2O4 thin film
M Khodaei, SAS Ebrahimi, YJ Park, JM Ok, JS Kim, J Son, S Baik
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 340, 16-22, 2013
Gaps and pseudogaps in perovskite rare earth nickelates
SJ Allen, AJ Hauser, E Mikheev, JY Zhang, NE Moreno, J Son, ...
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Super-resolution visible photoactivated atomic force microscopy
S Lee, O Kwon, M Jeon, J Song, S Shin, HM Kim, M Jo, T Rim, J Doh, ...
Light: Science & Applications 6 (11), e17080-e17080, 2017
Facile Phase Control of Multivalent Vanadium Oxide Thin Films (V2O5 and VO2) by Atomic Layer Deposition and Postdeposition Annealing
GY Song, C Oh, S Sinha, J Son, J Heo
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (28), 23909-23917, 2017
Strain relaxation in epitaxial Pt films on (001)
J Son, J Cagnon, S Stemmer
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (4), 043525, 2009
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