Ravish Mehra
Ravish Mehra
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RoomAlive: magical experiences enabled by scalable, adaptive projector-camera units
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Abstraction of man-made shapes
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An efficient GPU-based time domain solver for the acoustic wave equation
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Precomputed wave simulation for real-time sound propagation of dynamic sources in complex scenes
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Wave-based sound propagation in large open scenes using an equivalent source formulation
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High-Order Diffraction and Diffuse Reflections for Interactive Sound Propagation in Large Environments
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Visibility of noisy point cloud data
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Efficient HRTF-based spatial audio for area and volumetric sources
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Wave-ray coupling for interactive sound propagation in large complex scenes
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Haptic surface with damping apparatus
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US Patent 9,851,799, 2017
Cell designs for optical biosensors
MD Lockhart
US Patent 6,577,780, 2003
Wave: Interactive wave-based sound propagation for virtual environments
R Mehra, A Rungta, A Golas, M Lin, D Manocha
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P-HRTF: Efficient Personalized HRTF Computation for High-Fidelity Spatial Sound
A Meshram, R Mehra, H Yang, E Dunn, JM Frahm, D Manocha
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Source and listener directivity for interactive wave-based sound propagation
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Tabletop ensemble: touch-enabled virtual percussion instruments
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Methods, systems, and computer readable media for modeling interactive diffuse reflections and higher-order diffraction in virtual environment scenes
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Efficient HRTF Computation using Adaptive Rectangular Decomposition
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A parallel time-domain wave simulator based on rectangular decomposition for distributed memory architectures
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Methods, systems, and computer readable media for simulating sound propagation in large scenes using equivalent sources
R Mehra, D Manocha
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