Sergio Orts-Escolano
Sergio Orts-Escolano
Senior Research Scientist, Google
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A review on deep learning techniques applied to semantic segmentation
A Garcia-Garcia, S Orts-Escolano, S Oprea, V Villena-Martinez, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.06857, 2017
Holoportation: Virtual 3d teleportation in real-time
S Orts-Escolano, C Rhemann, S Fanello, W Chang, A Kowdle, ...
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Fusion4d: Real-time performance capture of challenging scenes
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Pointnet: A 3d convolutional neural network for real-time object class recognition
A Garcia-Garcia, F Gomez-Donoso, J Garcia-Rodriguez, S Orts-Escolano, ...
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Hyperdepth: Learning depth from structured light without matching
SR Fanello, C Rhemann, V Tankovich, A Kowdle, SO Escolano, D Kim, ...
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Geometric 3D point cloud compression
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Microsoft voxelized upper bodies-a voxelized point cloud dataset
C Loop, Q Cai, SO Escolano, PA Chou
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 Joint WG11/WG1 (MPEG/JPEG) input document m38673/M72012, 2016
Lonchanet: A sliced-based cnn architecture for real-time 3d object recognition
F Gomez-Donoso, A Garcia-Garcia, J Garcia-Rodriguez, S Orts-Escolano, ...
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The relightables: Volumetric performance capture of humans with realistic relighting
K Guo, P Lincoln, P Davidson, J Busch, X Yu, M Whalen, G Harvey, ...
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Pedestrian movement direction recognition using convolutional neural networks
A Dominguez-Sanchez, M Cazorla, S Orts-Escolano
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Point cloud data filtering and downsampling using growing neural gas
S Orts-Escolano, V Morell, J Garcia-Rodriguez, M Cazorla
The 2013 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 1-8, 2013
An augmented reality application for improving shopping experience in large retail stores
E Cruz, S Orts-Escolano, F Gomez-Donoso, C Rizo, JC Rangel, H Mora, ...
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Large-scale multiview 3d hand pose dataset
F Gomez-Donoso, S Orts-Escolano, M Cazorla
Image and Vision Computing 81, 25-33, 2019
Point Light Source Estimation based on Scenes Recorded by a RGB-D camera
B Boom, S Orts-Escolano, X Ning, S McDonagh, P Sandilands, R Fisher
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A comparative study of registration methods for RGB-D video of static scenes
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Autonomous growing neural gas for applications with time constraint: optimal parameter estimation
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UnrealROX: an extremely photorealistic virtual reality environment for robotics simulations and synthetic data generation
P Martinez-Gonzalez, S Oprea, A Garcia-Garcia, A Jover-Alvarez, ...
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A review on deep learning techniques applied to semantic segmentation. arXiv
A Garcia-Garcia, S Orts-Escolano, S Oprea, V Villena-Martinez, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.06857 10, 2017
3D Reconstruction of Medical Images from Slices Automatically Landmarked with Growing Neural Models
A Angelopoulou, A Psarrou, J Garcia-Rodriguez, S Orts-Escolano, ...
Neurocomputing, 2014
A closed-form Bayesian fusion equation using occupancy probabilities
C Loop, Q Cai, S Orts-Escolano, PA Chou
2016 Fourth International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV), 380-388, 2016
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