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Wnt/β-catenin signaling modulates corneal epithelium stratification via inhibition of Bmp4 during mouse development
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Type 2 diabetes model TSOD mouse is exposed to oxidative stress at young age
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Continuous long-term cytotoxicity monitoring in 3D spheroids of beetle luciferase-expressing hepatocytes by nondestructive bioluminescence measurement
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Function control of anti-microrna oligonucleotides using interstrand cross-linked duplexes
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ISL1 regulates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ activation and early adipogenesis via bone morphogenetic protein 4-dependent and-independent mechanisms
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Yuzu (Citrus junos Tanaka) peel attenuates dextran sulfate sodium-induced murine experimental colitis
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Establishment and characterization of a transgenic mouse model for in vivo imaging of Bmp4 expression in the pancreas
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Biological activity of terminally gamma-ray-sterilized titanium and hydroxyapatite coated with a growth factor− apatite composite layer
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Identification of the control region of pancreatic expression of Bmp4 in vitro and in vivo
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Cell attachment area of rat mesenchymal stem cells correlates with their osteogenic differentiation level on substrates without osteoconductive property
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Development of artificial chromosome vector-based luciferase assay system
Y Nakajima, K Murotomi, M Yasunaga, T Ohbayashi, M Oshimura
LUMINESCENCE 29, 83-83, 2014
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