Atsushi Shibata
Atsushi Shibata
Gunma University, GIAR, Associate Professor (Principal Investigator)
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γH2AX foci analysis for monitoring DNA double-strand break repair: strengths, limitations and optimization
M Löbrich, A Shibata, A Beucher, A Fisher, M Ensminger, AA Goodarzi, ...
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ATM and Artemis promote homologous recombination of radiation‐induced DNA double‐strand breaks in G2
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Factors determining DNA double‐strand break repair pathway choice in G2 phase
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DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice is directed by distinct MRE11 nuclease activities
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53BP1-dependent robust localized KAP-1 phosphorylation is essential for heterochromatic DNA double-strand break repair
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DNA double-strand break repair pathway regulates PD-L1 expression in cancer cells
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DNA double-strand break resection occurs during non-homologous end joining in G1 but is distinct from resection during homologous recombination
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Sensitization to radiation and alkylating agents by inhibitors of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase is enhanced in cells deficient in DNA double-strand break repair
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Role of ATM and the damage response mediator proteins 53BP1 and MDC1 in the maintenance of G2/M checkpoint arrest
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DNA double-strand break repair in a cellular context
A Shibata, PA Jeggo
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Endogenously induced DNA double strand breaks arise in heterochromatic DNA regions and require ataxia telangiectasia mutated and Artemis for their repair
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Regulation of repair pathway choice at two-ended DNA double-strand breaks
A Shibata
Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis 803, 51-55, 2017
BRCA1 directs the repair pathway to homologous recombination by promoting 53BP1 dephosphorylation
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Human Rad52 promotes XPG-mediated R-loop processing to initiate transcription-associated homologous recombination repair
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Co-operation of BRCA1 and POH1 relieves the barriers posed by 53BP1 and RAP80 to resection
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Opposing roles for 53BP1 during homologous recombination
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Parp-1 deficiency causes an increase of deletion mutations and insertions/rearrangements in vivo after treatment with an alkylating agent
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Visualisation of γH2AX foci caused by heavy ion particle traversal; distinction between core track versus non-track damage
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SETDB1, HP1 and SUV39 promote repositioning of 53BP1 to extend resection during homologous recombination in G2 cells
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Differential involvement of phosphatidylinositol 3‐kinase‐related protein kinases in hyperphosphorylation of replication protein A2 in response to replication‐mediated DNA …
R Sakasai, K Shinohe, Y Ichijima, N Okita, A Shibata, K Asahina, ...
Genes to Cells 11 (3), 237-246, 2006
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