Hirohiko Niioka
Hirohiko Niioka
Institute for Datability Science, Osaka University, Japan
確認したメール アドレス: ids.osaka-u.ac.jp
A time-resolved CMOS image sensor with draining-only modulation pixels for fluorescence lifetime imaging
Z Li, S Kawahito, K Yasutomi, K Kagawa, J Ukon, M Hashimoto, H Niioka
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Correlative near-infrared light and cathodoluminescence microscopy using Y 2 O 3: Ln, Yb (Ln= Tm, Er) nanophosphors for multiscale, multicolour bioimaging
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Classification of C2C12 cells at differentiation by convolutional neural network of deep learning using phase contrast images
H Niioka, S Asatani, A Yoshimura, H Ohigashi, S Tagawa, J Miyake
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Y2O3: Tm, Yb nanophosphors for correlative upconversion luminescence and cathodoluminescence imaging
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Formation of a carbon nanoribbon by spontaneous collapse of a carbon nanotube grown from a γ-Fe nanoparticle via an origami mechanism
H Kohno, T Komine, T Hasegawa, H Niioka, S Ichikawa
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High-resolution microscopy for biological specimens via cathodoluminescence of Eu- and Zn-doped Y2O3nanophosphors
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Femtosecond laser nano-ablation in fixed and non-fixed cultured cells
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Synthesis of Y2O3 nanophosphors by homogeneous precipitation method using excessive urea for cathodoluminescence and upconversion luminescence …
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Application of deep learning (3-dimensional convolutional neural network) for the prediction of pathological invasiveness in lung adenocarcinoma: a preliminary study
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Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering rigid endoscope toward robot-assisted surgery
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Laser-targeted photofabrication of gold nanoparticles inside cells
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Multispectral emissions of lanthanide-doped gadolinium oxide nanophosphors for cathodoluminescence and near-infrared upconversion/downconversion imaging
D Thi Kim Dung, S Fukushima, T Furukawa, H Niioka, T Sannomiya, ...
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Rare-earth-doped nanophosphors for multicolor cathodoluminescence nanobioimaging using scanning transmission electron microscopy
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Photo-induced cell damage analysis for single-and multifocus coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering microscopy
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Excitation of erbium-doped nanoparticles in 1550-nm wavelength region for deep tissue imaging with reduced degradation of spatial resolution
M Yamanaka, H Niioka, T Furukawa, N Nishizawa
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Invited Article: Label-free nerve imaging with a coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering rigid endoscope using two optical fibers for laser delivery
K Hirose, S Fukushima, T Furukawa, H Niioka, M Hashimoto
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Graphical classification of DNA sequences of HLA alleles by deep learning
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Enhancement of Near-infrared Luminescence of Y2O3:Ln, Yb (Ln = Tm, Ho, Er) by Li-ion Doping for Cellular Bioimaging
H Niioka, J Yamasaki, DTK Dung, J Miyake
Chemistry Letters 45 (12), 1406-1408, 2016
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