Yuchuan Zhuang
Yuchuan Zhuang
Translational imaging, AbbVie
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Combination antiretroviral therapy improves cognitive performance and functional connectivity in treatment-naïve HIV-infected individuals
Y Zhuang, X Qiu, L Wang, Q Ma, M Mapstone, A Luque, M Weber, ...
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Validation of diffusion measurements obtained on a 0.35 T MR in Malawi: important insights for radiologists in low income settings with low field MRI
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Pathomechanisms of HIV-Associated Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: A Comprehensive Clinical and Neuroimaging Protocol and Analysis Pipeline
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Detection of fatty acid composition of trabecular bone marrow by localized iDQC MRS at 3 T: A pilot study in healthy volunteers
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Functional MRI Correlates of Sleep Quality in HIV
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Whole‐brain computational modeling reveals disruption of microscale brain dynamics in HIV infected individuals
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Linking Neuroinflammation and Extracellular Free Water in HIV Infection: A Longitudinal Study
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Image analysis pipeline for characterizing photolytic degradation in daguerreotypes
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Reversible white matter restricted diffusion in patients with cerebral malaria via ADC measurement on a 0.35 T MR scanner
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Tract-Based Spatial Statistics of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease in an HIV Population
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