Pramod Kumar Verma
Pramod Kumar Verma
Department of Chemistry, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University
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Luminescent quantum clusters of gold in transferrin family protein, lactoferrin exhibiting FRET
PL Xavier, K Chaudhari, PK Verma, SK Pal, T Pradeep
Nanoscale 2 (12), 2769-2776, 2010
Bright, NIR‐Emitting Au23 from Au25: Characterization and Applications Including Biolabeling
MAH Muhammed, PK Verma, SK Pal, RC Kumar, S Paul, RV Omkumar, ...
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Luminescent Quantum Clusters of Gold in Bulk by Albumin‐Induced Core Etching of Nanoparticles: Metal Ion Sensing, Metal‐Enhanced Luminescence, and Biolabeling
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S Shankara Narayanan, SS Sinha, PK Verma, SK Pal
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Structural and dynamical characterization of unilamellar AOT vesicles in aqueous solutions and their efficacy as potential drug delivery vehicle
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Role of hydration on the functionality of a proteolytic enzyme α-chymotrypsin under crowded environment
PK Verma, S Rakshit, RK Mitra, SK Pal
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The Water Bend+ Libration Combination Band is an Intrinsic, Collective, and Strongly Solute-Dependent Reporter on the Hydrogen Bonding Network of Liquid Water
PK Verma, A Kundu, M Puretz, C Dhoonmoon, OS Chegwidden, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (ACS Editors' Choice) 122 (9), 2587–2599, 2017
Role of Solvation Dynamics in Excited State Proton Transfer of 1‐Naphthol in Nanoscopic Water Clusters Formed in a Hydrophobic Solvent
S Rakshit, R Saha, PK Verma, SK Pal
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Spectral Graph Analyses of Water Hydrogen-Bonding Network and Osmolyte Aggregate Structures in Osmolyte–Water Solutions
H Lee, JH Choi, PK Verma, M Cho
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Superparamagnetic fluorescent nickel–enzyme nanobioconjugates: synthesis and characterization of a novel multifunctional biological probe
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Water dynamics in cytoplasm-like crowded environment correlates with the conformational transition of the macromolecular crowder
PK Verma, A Kundu, JH Ha, M Cho
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Modulation of the hydrogen bonding structure of water by renal osmolytes
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Probing the interior of self-assembled caffeine dimer at various temperatures
S Banerjee, PK Verma, RK Mitra, G Basu, SK Pal
Journal of fluorescence 22 (2), 753-769, 2012
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