Zenji Yatabe
Zenji Yatabe
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Characterization of interface states in Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN structures for improved performance of high-electron-mobility transistors
Y Hori, Z Yatabe, T Hashizume
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (24), 244503, 2013
Insulated gate and surface passivation structures for GaN-based power transistors
Z Yatabe, JT Asubar, T Hashizume
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (39), 393001, 2016
Highly-stable and low-state-density Al2O3/GaN interfaces using epitaxial n-GaN layers grown on free-standing GaN substrates
S Kaneki, J Ohira, S Toiya, Z Yatabe, JT Asubar, T Hashizume
Applied Physics Letters 109 (16), 162104, 2016
Characterization of electronic states at insulator/(Al)GaN interfaces for improved insulated gate and surface passivation structures of GaN-based transistors
Z Yatabe, Y Hori, WC Ma, JT Asubar, M Akazawa, T Sato, T Hashizume
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State of the art on gate insulation and surface passivation for GaN-based power HEMTs
T Hashizume, K Nishiguchi, S Kaneki, J Kuzmik, Z Yatabe
Materials science in semiconductor processing 78, 85-95, 2018
Reduced thermal resistance in AlGaN/GaN multi-mesa-channel high electron mobility transistors
JT Asubar, Z Yatabe, T Hashizume
Applied Physics Letters 105 (5), 053510, 2014
Current Collapse Reduction in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs by High-Pressure Water Vapor Annealing
JT Asubar, Y Kobayashi, K Yoshitsugu, Z Yatabe, H Tokuda, M Horita, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (8), 2423-2428, 2015
Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for in situ observation of the nanocrystallization of rubrene in a microfluidic set-up
S Desportes, Z Yatabe, S Baumlin, V Génot, JP Lefèvre, H Ushiki, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 446 (1), 212-216, 2007
On the origin of interface states at oxide/III-nitride heterojunction interfaces
M Matys, B Adamowicz, A Domanowska, A Michalewicz, R Stoklas, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (22), 225305, 2016
Image analysis of thickness in flowing soap films. I: effects of polymer
R Hidema, Z Yatabe, M Shoji, C Hashimoto, R Pansu, G Sagarzazu, ...
Experiments in fluids 49 (3), 725-732, 2010
Effects of Cl2-Based Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching of AlGaN on Interface Properties of Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures
Z Yatabe, Y Hori, S Kim, T Hashizume
Applied Physics Express 6 (1), 016502, 2012
Characterization of Low-Frequency Noise in Etched GaAs Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors Having SiNx Gate Insulator
T Muramatsu, K Miura, Y Shiratori, Z Yatabe, S Kasai
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 51 (6), 2012
Large photocurrents in GaN porous structures with a redshift of the photoabsorption edge
T Sato, Y Kumazaki, H Kida, A Watanabe, Z Yatabe, S Matsuda
Semiconductor Science and Technology 31 (1), 014012, 2015
Influence of oxygen-plasma treatment on AlGaN/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor heterostructure field-effect transistors with HfO2 by atomic layer deposition: leakage current and …
R Stoklas, D Gregušová, M Blaho, K Fröhlich, J Novák, M Matys, Z Yatabe, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 32 (4), 045018, 2017
Correlation between Structural and Photoelectrochemical Properties of GaN Porous Nanostructures Formed by Photo-Assisted Electrochemical Etching
Y Kumazaki, A Watanabe, Z Yatabe, T Sato
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 161 (10), H705-H709, 2014
Impact of oxygen plasma treatment on the dynamic on-resistance of AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistors
JT Asubar, Y Sakaida, S Yoshida, Z Yatabe, H Tokuda, T Hashizume, ...
Applied Physics Express 8 (11), 111001, 2015
Interface trap states in Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN structure induced by inductively coupled plasma etching of AlGaN surfaces
Z Yatabe, JT Asubar, T Sato, T Hashizume
physica status solidi (a) 212 (5), 1075-1080, 2015
Improvement of m‐plane ZnO films formed on buffer layers on sapphire substrates by mist chemical vapor deposition
H Tanoue, M Takenouchi, T Yamashita, S Wada, Z Yatabe, S Nagaoka, ...
physica status solidi (a) 214 (3), 1600603, 2017
Characterization of capture cross sections of interface states in dielectric/III-nitride heterojunction structures
M Matys, R Stoklas, J Kuzmik, B Adamowicz, Z Yatabe, T Hashizume
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (20), 205304, 2016
Formation of GaN porous structures with improved structural controllability by photoassisted electrochemical etching
Y Kumazaki, Z Yatabe, T Sato
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 55 (4S), 04EJ12, 2016
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