Takaaki Matsuo
Takaaki Matsuo
Keio University
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Modeling of Measurement-based Quantum Network Coding on IBMQ Devices
P Pathumsoot, T Matsuo, T Satoh, M Hajdušek, S Suwanna, R Van Meter
arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.00815, 2019
Analysis of measurement-based quantum network coding over repeater networks under noisy conditions
T Matsuo, T Satoh, S Nagayama, R Van Meter
Physical Review A 97 (6), 062328, 2018
Optimizing timing of high-success-probability quantum repeaters
R Van Meter, T Satoh, S Nagayama, T Matsuo, S Suzuki
arXiv preprint arXiv:1701.04586, 2017
Quantum link bootstrapping using a RuleSet-based communication protocol
T Matsuo, C Durand, R Van Meter
Physical Review A 100 (5), 052320, 2019
Simulation of a Dynamic, RuleSet-based Quantum Network
T Matsuo
arXiv preprint arXiv:1908.10758, 2019
End-to-End Connection Setup in a Quantum Internet
C Durand, T Matsuo, R Van Meter
Challenges in Simulating the Quantum Internet
T Matsuo, C Durand, T Satoh, S Nagayama, S Suzuki, R Van Meter
Large-Scale Simulation of the Quantum Internet
R Van Meter, S Suzuki, S Nagayama, T Satoh, T Matsuo, A Taherkhani, ...
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