Dorsa Sadigh
Dorsa Sadigh
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Planning for autonomous cars that leverage effects on human actions.
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Reactive synthesis from signal temporal logic specifications
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Information gathering actions over human internal state
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Towards verified artificial intelligence
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A learning based approach to control synthesis of markov decision processes for linear temporal logic specifications
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Automating exercise generation: A step towards meeting the MOOC challenge for embedded systems
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Data-driven probabilistic modeling and verification of human driver behavior
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Safe control under uncertainty with probabilistic signal temporal logic
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Planning for cars that coordinate with people: leveraging effects on human actions for planning and active information gathering over human internal state
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Safety envelope for security
A Tiwari, B Dutertre, D Jovanović, T de Candia, PD Lincoln, J Rushby, ...
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Formal methods for semi-autonomous driving
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Diagnosis and repair for synthesis from signal temporal logic specifications
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Learning reward functions by integrating human demonstrations and preferences
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Safe autonomy under perception uncertainty using chance-constrained temporal logic
S Jha, V Raman, D Sadigh, SA Seshia
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Batch active preference-based learning of reward functions
E Bıyık, D Sadigh
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