Christopher L. Cahill
Christopher L. Cahill
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Homo-and heterometallic coordination polymers from the f elements
CL Cahill, DT de Lill, M Frisch
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Uranyl bearing hybrid materials: synthesis, speciation, and solid-state structures
MB Andrews, CL Cahill
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Exploring lanthanide luminescence in metal-organic frameworks: synthesis, structure, and guest-sensitized luminescence of a mixed europium/terbium-adipate framework and a …
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DT de Lill, NS Gunning, CL Cahill
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Magnetic and structural properties of nickel zinc ferrite nanoparticles synthesized at room temperature
SA Morrison, CL Cahill, EE Carpenter, S Calvin, R Swaminathan, ...
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LA Borkowski, CL Cahill
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Topological evolution in uranyl dicarboxylates: synthesis and structures of one-dimensional UO2 (C6H8O4)(H2O) 2 and three-dimensional UO2 (C6H8O4)
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Crystal engineering with the uranyl cation I. Aliphatic carboxylate coordination polymers: Synthesis, crystal structures, and fluorescent properties
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Mica surfaces stabilize pentavalent uranium
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A Novel 3-Dimensional Open Framework Sulfide Based upon the [In10S20]10- Supertetrahedron:  DMA-InS-SB1
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KE Knope, DT de Lill, CE Rowland, PM Cantos, A de Bettencourt-Dias, ...
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Influence of Dynamical Conditions on the Reduction of UVI at the Magnetite−Solution Interface
ES Ilton, JF Boily, EC Buck, FN Skomurski, KM Rosso, CL Cahill, ...
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Syntheses, structures and fluorescent properties of two novel coordination polymers in the U–Cu–H 3 pdc system
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Synthesis, structure and fluorescent studies of novel uranium coordination polymers in the pyridinedicarboxylic acid system
M Frisch, CL Cahill
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Affinity of the highly preorganized ligand PDA (1, 10-phenanthroline-2, 9-dicarboxylic acid) for large metal ions of higher charge. A crystallographic and thermodynamic study …
NE Dean, RD Hancock, CL Cahill, M Frisch
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Synthesis and Structure of MnGe4S10⊙(C6H14N2)⊙ 3H2O: A Novel Sulfide Framework Analogous to Zeolite Li-A (BW)
CL Cahill, JB Parise
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Syntheses and crystal structures of two topologically related modifications of Cs2 [(UO2) 2 (MoO4) 3]
SV Krivovichev, CL Cahill, PC Burns
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Structural Variation within Homometallic Uranium (VI) Carboxyphosphonates: In Situ Ligand Synthesis, Directed Assembly, Metal− Ligand Coordination and Hydrogen Bonding
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Report from the third workshop on future directions of solid-state chemistry: The status of solid-state chemistry and its impact in the physical sciences
MG Kanatzidis, KR Poeppelmeier, S Bobev, AM Guloy, SJ Hwu, ...
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Hydrothermal chemistry of Th (IV) with aromatic dicarboxylates: New framework compounds and in situ ligand syntheses
KL Ziegelgruber, KE Knope, M Frisch, CL Cahill
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