Takahiro Moriyama
Takahiro Moriyama
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Spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance induced by the spin Hall effect
L Liu, T Moriyama, DC Ralph, RA Buhrman
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Antiferromagnetic spintronics
V Baltz, A Manchon, M Tsoi, T Moriyama, T Ono, Y Tserkovnyak
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Microwave-assisted magnetization switching of in magnetic tunnel junctions
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Reduction of the spin-torque critical current by partially canceling the free layer demagnetization field
L Liu, T Moriyama, DC Ralph, RA Buhrman
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Soliton-like magnetic domain wall motion induced by the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction
Y Yoshimura, KJ Kim, T Taniguchi, T Tono, K Ueda, R Hiramatsu, ...
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Anti-damping spin transfer torque through epitaxial nickel oxide
T Moriyama, S Takei, M Nagata, Y Yoshimura, N Matsuzaki, T Terashima, ...
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High spin torque efficiency of magnetic tunnel junctions with MgO/CoFeB/MgO free layer
G Jan, YJ Wang, T Moriyama, YJ Lee, M Lin, T Zhong, RY Tong, T Torng, ...
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Fast domain wall motion in the vicinity of the angular momentum compensation temperature of ferrimagnets
KJ Kim, SK Kim, Y Hirata, SH Oh, T Tono, DH Kim, T Okuno, WS Ham, ...
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Snell’s law for spin waves
J Stigloher, M Decker, HS Körner, K Tanabe, T Moriyama, T Taniguchi, ...
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Tunnel barrier enhanced voltage signal generated by magnetization precession of a single ferromagnetic layer
T Moriyama, R Cao, X Fan, G Xuan, BK Nikolić, Y Tserkovnyak, ...
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Sequential write-read operations in FeRh antiferromagnetic memory
T Moriyama, N Matsuzaki, KJ Kim, I Suzuki, T Taniyama, T Ono
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Fe/MgO/FeCo(100) epitaxial magnetic tunnel junctions prepared by using in situ plasma oxidation
S Mitani, T Moriyama, K Takanashi
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Current-induced magnetic domain wall motion in a Co/Ni nanowire with structural inversion asymmetry
T Koyama, H Hata, KJ Kim, T Moriyama, H Tanigawa, T Suzuki, ...
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Phase locking and frequency doubling in spin-transfer-torque oscillators with two coupled free layers
T Moriyama, G Finocchio, M Carpentieri, B Azzerboni, DC Ralph, ...
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Magnetic tunnel junction based microwave detector
X Fan, R Cao, T Moriyama, W Wang, HW Zhang, JQ Xiao
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Real-time evolution of tunneling magnetoresistance during annealing in magnetic tunnel junctions
WG Wang, C Ni, A Rumaiz, Y Wang, X Fan, T Moriyama, R Cao, QY Wen, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (15), 152501, 2008
Tunnel magnetoresistance and spin torque switching in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions with a Co/Ni multilayer electrode
T Moriyama, TJ Gudmundsen, PY Huang, L Liu, DA Muller, DC Ralph, ...
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Traveling surface spin-wave resonance spectroscopy using surface acoustic waves
PG Gowtham, T Moriyama, DC Ralph, RA Buhrman
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Tunneling magnetoresistance in (001)-oriented magnetic tunneling junctions grown by sputtering deposition
T Moriyama, C Ni, WG Wang, X Zhang, JQ Xiao
Applied physics letters 88 (22), 222503, 2006
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