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Anna Orlova
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Tumor imaging using a picomolar affinity HER2 binding affibody molecule
A Orlova, M Magnusson, TLJ Eriksson, M Nilsson, B Larsson, ...
Cancer research 66 (8), 4339-4348, 2006
Molecular imaging of HER2-expressing malignant tumors in breast cancer patients using synthetic 111In-or 68Ga-labeled affibody molecules
RP Baum, V Prasad, D Müller, C Schuchardt, A Orlova, A Wennborg, ...
Journal of nuclear medicine 51 (6), 892-897, 2010
Radionuclide therapy of HER2-positive microxenografts using a 177Lu-labeled HER2-specific Affibody molecule
V Tolmachev, A Orlova, R Pehrson, J Galli, B Baastrup, K Andersson, ...
Cancer research 67 (6), 2773-2782, 2007
Synthetic affibody molecules: a novel class of affinity ligands for molecular imaging of HER2-expressing malignant tumors
A Orlova, V Tolmachev, R Pehrson, M Lindborg, T Tran, M Sandström, ...
Cancer research 67 (5), 2178-2186, 2007
Directed evolution to low nanomolar affinity of a tumor-targeting epidermal growth factor receptor-binding affibody molecule
M Friedman, A Orlova, E Johansson, TLJ Eriksson, I Höidén-Guthenberg, ...
Journal of molecular biology 376 (5), 1388-1402, 2008
Affibody molecules: potential for in vivo imaging of molecular targets for cancer therapy
V Tolmachev, A Orlova, FY Nilsson, J Feldwisch, A Wennborg, ...
Expert opinion on biological therapy 7 (4), 555-568, 2007
On the selection of a tracer for PET imaging of HER2-expressing tumors: direct comparison of a 124I-labeled affibody molecule and trastuzumab in a murine xenograft model
A Orlova, H Wållberg, S Stone-Elander, V Tolmachev
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 50 (3), 417-425, 2009
Affibody molecules for epidermal growth factor receptor targeting in vivo: aspects of dimerization and labeling chemistry
V Tolmachev, M Friedman, M Sandström, TLJ Eriksson, D Rosik, M Hodik, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 50 (2), 274-283, 2009
Imaging of EGFR expression in murine xenografts using site-specifically labelled anti-EGFR 111 In-DOTA-Z EGFR: 2377 Affibody molecule: aspect of the injected tracer amount
V Tolmachev, D Rosik, H Wållberg, A Sjöberg, M Sandström, M Hansson, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 37 (3), 613-622, 2010
Measuring HER2-receptor expression in metastatic breast cancer using [68Ga] ABY-025 Affibody PET/CT
J Sörensen, I Velikyan, D Sandberg, A Wennborg, J Feldwisch, ...
Theranostics 6 (2), 262, 2016
99mTc-maEEE-ZHER2:342, an Affibody Molecule-Based Tracer for the Detection of HER2 Expression in Malignant Tumors
T Tran, T Engfeldt, A Orlova, M Sandström, J Feldwisch, L Abrahmsén, ...
Bioconjugate chemistry 18 (6), 1956-1964, 2007
Targeting of HER2-expressing tumors with a site-specifically 99mTc-labeled recombinant affibody molecule, ZHER2: 2395, with C-terminally engineered cysteine
S Ahlgren, H Wållberg, TA Tran, C Widström, M Hjertman, L Abrahmsén, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 50 (5), 781-789, 2009
Evaluation of maleimide derivative of DOTA for site-specific labeling of recombinant affibody molecules
S Ahlgren, A Orlova, D Rosik, M Sandström, A Sjöberg, B Baastrup, ...
Bioconjugate chemistry 19 (1), 235-243, 2008
111In-benzyl-DTPA–ZHER2: 342, an affibody-based conjugate for in vivo imaging of HER2 expression in malignant tumors
V Tolmachev, FY Nilsson, C Widström, K Andersson, D Rosik, L Gedda, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 47 (5), 846-853, 2006
Comparative in vivo evaluation of technetium and iodine labels on an anti-HER2 affibody for single-photon imaging of HER2 expression in tumors
A Orlova, FY Nilsson, M Wikman, C Widström, S Ståhl, J Carlsson, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 47 (3), 512-519, 2006
Slow Internalization of Anti-HER2 Synthetic Affibody Monomer 111In-DOTA-ZHER2:342-pep2 : Implications for Development of Labeled Tracers
H Wållberg, A Orlova
Cancer biotherapy & radiopharmaceuticals 23 (4), 435-442, 2008
Imaging of HER2-expressing tumours using a synthetic Affibody molecule containing the 99m Tc-chelating mercaptoacetyl-glycyl-glycyl-glycyl (MAG3) sequence
T Engfeldt, A Orlova, T Tran, A Bruskin, C Widström, AE Karlström, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 34 (5), 722-733, 2007
Radiolabelled receptor-tyrosine-kinase targeting drugs for patient stratification and monitoring of therapy response: prospects and pitfalls
V Tolmachev, S Stone-Elander, A Orlova
The lancet oncology 11 (10), 992-1000, 2010
Targeting of HER2-expressing tumors using 111In-ABY-025, a second-generation affibody molecule with a fundamentally reengineered scaffold
S Ahlgren, A Orlova, H Wållberg, M Hansson, M Sandström, R Lewsley, ...
Journal of nuclear medicine 51 (7), 1131-1138, 2010
Update: Affibody Molecules for Molecular Imaging and Therapy for Cancer
A Orlova, J Feldwisch, L Abrahmsén, V Tolmachev
Cancer biotherapy & radiopharmaceuticals 22 (5), 573-584, 2007
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