Tatyana Zhuk
Tatyana Zhuk
Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, National technical university of Ukraine "KPI"
確認したメール アドレス: xtf.kpi.ua
Oxygen-doped nanodiamonds: Synthesis and functionalizations
AA Fokin, TS Zhuk, AE Pashenko, PO Dral, PA Gunchenko, JEP Dahl, ...
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Toward an Understanding of Diamond sp2-Defects with Unsaturated Diamondoid Oligomer Models
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A comprehensive study of grape pomace extract and its active components as effective vapour phase corrosion inhibitor of mild steel
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Raphanus sativus L. Extract as a Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Tap Water
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New method for the synthesis of pyrrolo [2, 3-b] dihydroquinolines
AR Syniugin, MO Chekanov, PV Savitskiy, AE Pashenko, TS Zhuk, ...
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Noncovalent interactions in crowded olefinic radical cations
PRS Andrey A. Fokin, Vladislav V. Bahonsky, Tetyana V. Koso, Ngo T. Hoc ...
Journal of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 18 (1), 2020
Luminescent properties of substituted 4-aminophthalimides: computations vs. experiment
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Journal of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 18 (1 (69)), 52-57, 2020
4-Hydroxy-3.5-dimethoxybenzaldehyde as" green" corrosion inhibitor for copper: experimental and theoretical approaches
VI Vorobyova, MI Skiba, TS Zhuk
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