Maxim Bykov
Maxim Bykov
Geophysical Laboratory Carnegie Institution of Washington/Howard University
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The most incompressible metal osmium at static pressures above 750 gigapascals
L Dubrovinsky, N Dubrovinskaia, E Bykova, M Bykov, V Prakapenka, ...
Nature 525 (7568), 226-229, 2015
Structural complexity of simple Fe2O3 at high pressures and temperatures
E Bykova, L Dubrovinsky, N Dubrovinskaia, M Bykov, C McCammon, ...
Nature communications 7, 10661, 2016
Terapascal static pressure generation with ultrahigh yield strength nanodiamond
N Dubrovinskaia, L Dubrovinsky, NA Solopova, A Abakumov, S Turner, ...
Science Advances 2 (7), e1600341, 2016
Fe-N system at high pressure reveals a compound featuring polymeric nitrogen chains
M Bykov, E Bykova, G Aprilis, K Glazyrin, E Koemets, I Chuvashova, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 2756, 2018
Stability of iron-bearing carbonates in the deep Earth’s interior
V Cerantola, E Bykova, I Kupenko, M Merlini, L Ismailova, C McCammon, ...
Nature Communications 8, ncomms15960, 2017
Charge-ordering transition in iron oxide Fe 4 O 5 involving competing dimer and trimer formation
SV Ovsyannikov, M Bykov, E Bykova, DP Kozlenko, AA Tsirlin, AE Karkin, ...
Nature Chemistry 8 (5), 501-508, 2016
Novel high pressure monoclinic Fe2O3 polymorph revealed by single-crystal synchrotron X-ray diffraction studies
E Bykova, M Bykov, V Prakapenka, Z Konôpková, HP Liermann, ...
High Pressure Research 33 (3), 534-545, 2013
Disorder–order transitions in the perovskite metal–organic frameworks [(CH 3) 2 NH 2][M (HCOO) 3] at high pressure
IE Collings, M Bykov, E Bykova, M Hanfland, S van Smaalen, ...
CrystEngComm 20 (25), 3512-3521, 2018
High‐Pressure NiAs‐Type Modification of FeN
WP Clark, S Steinberg, R Dronskowski, C McCammon, I Kupenko, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (25), 7302-7306, 2017
Oxidized iron in garnets from the mantle transition zone
ES Kiseeva, DM Vasiukov, BJ Wood, C McCammon, T Stachel, M Bykov, ...
Nature Geoscience 11 (2), 144-147, 2018
Stability of Fe, Al-bearing bridgmanite in the lower mantle and synthesis of pure Fe-bridgmanite
L Ismailova, E Bykova, M Bykov, V Cerantola, C McCammon, TB Ballaran, ...
Science Advances 2 (7), e1600427, 2016
High‐pressure synthesis of a nitrogen‐rich inclusion compound ReN8· xN2 with conjugated polymeric nitrogen chains
M Bykov, E Bykova, E Koemets, T Fedotenko, G Aprilis, K Glazyrin, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2018
Structural distortions in the high-pressure polar phases of ammonium metal formates
IE Collings, M Bykov, E Bykova, MG Tucker, S Petitgirard, M Hanfland, ...
CrystEngComm 18 (46), 8849-8857, 2016
A closer look into close packing: pentacoordinated silicon in a high-pressure polymorph of danburite
A Pakhomova, E Bykova, M Bykov, K Glazyrin, B Gasharova, ...
IUCrJ 4 (5), 671-677, 2017
Neon‐Bearing Ammonium Metal Formates: Formation and Behaviour under Pressure
IE Collings, E Bykova, M Bykov, S Petitgirard, M Hanfland, D Paliwoda, ...
ChemPhysChem 17 (21), 3369-3372, 2016
Structural and vibrational properties of single crystals of Scandia, Sc2O3 under high pressure
SV Ovsyannikov, E Bykova, M Bykov, MD Wenz, AS Pakhomova, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (16), 165901, 2015
Spin-Peierls distortions in TiPO 4
M Bykov, J Zhang, A Schönleber, A Wölfel, SI Ali, S van Smaalen, ...
Physical Review B 88 (18), 184420, 2013
High-pressure synthesis of ultraincompressible hard rhenium nitride pernitride Re2(N2)(N)2 stable at ambient conditions
M Bykov, S Chariton, H Fei, T Fedotenko, G Aprilis, AV Ponomareva, ...
Nature Communications 10, 2994, 2019
Metastable silica high pressure polymorphs as structural proxies of deep Earth silicate melts
E Bykova, M Bykov, A Černok, J Tidholm, SI Simak, O Hellman, MP Belov, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 4789, 2018
Synthesis of FeN4 at 180 GPa and its crystal structure from a submicron-sized grain
M Bykov, S Khandarkhaeva, T Fedotenko, P Sedmak, N Dubrovinskaia, ...
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications 74 (10 …, 2018
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