Kazuhisa Hoshi
Kazuhisa Hoshi
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Evolution of Anisotropic Displacement Parameters and Superconductivity with Chemical Pressure in BiS2-Based REO0.5F0.5BiS2 (RE = La, Ce, Pr, and Nd)
Y Mizuguchi, K Hoshi, Y Goto, A Miura, K Tadanaga, C Moriyoshi, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 87 (2), 023704, 2018
Selenium isotope effect in the layered bismuth chalcogenide superconductor
K Hoshi, Y Goto, Y Mizuguchi
Physical Review B 97 (9), 094509, 2018
Two-Fold-Symmetric Magnetoresistance in Single Crystals of Tetragonal BiCh2-Based Superconductor LaO0.5F0.5BiSSe
K Hoshi, M Kimata, Y Goto, TD Matsuda, Y Mizuguchi
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88 (3), 033704, 2019
Doping-Induced Polymorph and Carrier Polarity Changes in Thermoelectric Ag(Bi,Sb)Se2 Solid Solution
K Sudo, Y Goto, R Sogabe, K Hoshi, A Miura, C Moriyoshi, Y Kuroiwa, ...
Inorganic chemistry 58 (11), 7628-7633, 2019
Superconducting properties of high-entropy-alloy tellurides M-Te (M: Ag, In, Cd, Sn, Sb, Pb, Bi) with a NaCl-type structure
MR Kasem, K Hoshi, R Jha, M Katsuno, A Yamashita, Y Goto, ...
Applied Physics Express 13 (3), 033001, 2020
High-Pressure Synthesis and Superconducting Properties of NaCl-Type In1-xPbxTe (x= 0–0.8)
M Katsuno, R Jha, K Hoshi, R Sogabe, Y Goto, Y Mizuguchi
Condensed Matter 5 (1), 14, 2020
Conventional isotope effect in BiS2-based superconductor (Sr, La) FBiS2: possible pairing mechanism switching driven by structural symmetry breaking
A Yamashita, H Usui, K Hoshi, Y Goto, K Kuroki, Y Mizuguchi
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.11130, 2020
Investigation of in-plane anisotropy of c-axis magnetoresistance for BiCh2-based layered superconductor NdO0. 7F0. 3BiS2
K Hoshi, K Sudo, Y Goto, M Kimata, Y Mizuguchi
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.03235, 2020
Two-fold symmetry of in-plane magnetoresistance anisotropy in the superconducting states of BiCh2-based LaO0. 9F0. 1BiSSe single crystal
K Hoshi, M Kimata, Y Goto, A Miura, C Moriyoshi, Y Kuroiwa, M Nagao, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.11576, 2020
Bulk Superconductivity Induced by Se Substitution in Self-Doped BiCh2-Based Compound CeOBiS2−xSex
R Kiyama, Y Goto, K Hoshi, R Jha, A Miura, C Moriyoshi, Y Kuroiwa, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89 (6), 064702, 2020
Structural phase diagram of LaO1-xFxBiSSe: suppression of the structural phase transition by partial F substitutions
K Hoshi, S Sakuragi, T Yajima, Y Goto, A Miura, C Moriyoshi, Y Kuroiwa, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.07798, 2020
In-plane anisotropy of the c-axis magnetoresistance for BiCh2-based superconductor
K Hoshi, Y Mizuguchi, Y Goto, T Matsuda, M Kimata
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 65, 2020
Indication of unconventional superconductivity in layered bismuth chalcogenide superconductor LaO0. 6F0. 4Bi (S, Se) 2 revealed by Se isotope effect
K Hoshi, Y Goto, Y Mizuguchi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.08252, 2017
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