Kening Zhu
Kening Zhu
School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong
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AutoGami: a low-cost rapid prototyping toolkit for automated movable paper craft
K Zhu, S Zhao
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FingerT9: Leveraging thumb-to-finger interaction for same-side-hand text entry on smartwatches
PC Wong, K Zhu, H Fu
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HapTwist: creating interactive haptic proxies in virtual reality using low-cost twistable artefacts
K Zhu, T Chen, F Han, YS Wu
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Fuwa-Vision: an auto-stereoscopic floating-image display
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Bezel-initiated cursor for one-handed target acquisition on mobile touch screens
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Back-mirror: Back-of-device one-handed interaction on smartphones
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FusePrint: a DIY 2.5 D printing technique embracing everyday artifacts
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Tripartite effects: exploring users’ mental model of mobile gestures under the influence of operation, handheld posture, and interaction space
K Zhu, X Ma, H Chen, M Liang
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PaperIO: a 3D interface towards the internet of embedded paper-craft
K Zhu, R Zhu, H Nii, H Samani, BB Jalaeian
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TipText: eyes-free text entry on a fingertip keyboard
Z Xu, PC Wong, J Gong, TY Wu, AS Nittala, X Bi, J Steimle, H Fu, K Zhu, ...
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A framework for interactive paper-craft system
K Zhu
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Selective inductive powering system for paper computing
K Zhu, H Nii, ONN Fernando, AD Cheok
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How different input and output modalities support coding as a problem-solving process for children
K Zhu, X Ma, GKW Wong, JMH Huen
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Poetry mix-up: a poetry generating system for cultural communication
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A sense of ice and fire: Exploring thermal feedback with multiple thermoelectric-cooling elements on a smart ring
K Zhu, S Perrault, T Chen, S Cai, RL Peiris
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WristOrigami: Exploring foldable design for multi-display smartwatch
K Zhu, M Fjeld, A Ünlüer
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Virtual reality and augmented reality for education: panel
K Zhu
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 symposium on education: Talks, 1-2, 2016
Emergent interfaces: constructive assembly of identical units
A Dancu, C Hedler, SA Nielsen, H Frank, Z Kening, A Pelling, AA Ünlüer, ...
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Investigating different modalities of directional cues for multi-task visual-searching scenario in virtual reality
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Design and development of interactive intelligent medical agent
SC Tsai, H Samani, YW Kao, K Zhu, B Jalaian
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