JinWon Jung
Enhancement of magnetoresistance by inserting thin NiAl layers at the interfaces in Co2FeGa0. 5Ge0. 5/Ag/Co2FeGa0. 5Ge0. 5 current-perpendicular-to-plane pseudo spin valves
JW Jung, Y Sakuraba, TT Sasaki, Y Miura, K Hono
Applied Physics Letters 108 (10), 102408, 2016
Strong Perpendicular Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy in Tetragonal Fe0.5Co0.5Films of Artificially Ordered B2 State
B Lao, JW Jung, M Sahashi
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 50 (11), 1-4, 2014
Enhancement of Interfacial Spin-Dependent Scattering of Co2Fe(Ga0.5Ge0.5)/Ag/Co2Fe(Ga0.5Ge0.5) Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane Giant Magnetoresistive …
JW Jung, Y Sakuraba, S Bosu, S Li, K Hono
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 52 (7), 1-4, 2016
Effect of spin-dependent interface resistance at (001)-oriented Fe/Ag interface on giant magnetoresistance effect
J Jung, Z Jin, Y Shiokawa, M Sahashi
Applied Physics Express 8 (7), 073005, 2015
The dependence of nano-contact magnetoresistance on the bulk scattering spin asymmetry in CoFe alloys with oxidation impurities
Y Shiokawa, JW Jung, T Otsuka, M Sahashi
Journal of applied physics 118 (5), 053909, 2015
Investigations of interface spin asymmetry and interfacial resistance in FexCo100x/Ag interface
JW Jung, Z Jin, Y Shiokawa, M Sahashi
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (17), 17A323, 2015
Spin scattering asymmetric coefficients and enhanced specific interfacial resistance of fully epitaxial current-perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance spin valves using …
JW Jung, R Shiozaki, M Doi, M Sahashi
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (7), 07C510, 2011
Investigation of Gilbert damping of a tetragonally distorted ultrathin Fe0.5Co0.5 epitaxial film with high magnetic anisotropy
R Mandal, JW Jung, K Masuda, YK Takahashi, Y Sakuraba, S Kasai, ...
Applied Physics Letters 113 (23), 232406, 2018
Over 100% magnetoresistance ratio at room temperature in magnetic tunnel junctions with CuGaSe2 spacer layer
K Mukaiyama, JW Jung, H Sepehri-Amin, S Kasai, T Furubayashi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 114 (17), 172402, 2019
High magnetic field sensitivity in anti-ferromagnetically coupled 001-epitaxial [Co2Fe(Al0.5Si0.5)/Ag]N multilayers
T Shiroyama, Y Sakuraba, T Nakatani, H Sepehri-Amin, JW Jung, K Hono
Journal of Applied Physics 124 (16), 163910, 2018
Enhancement of magnetoresistance by inserting thin NiAl layers at the interfaces in Co {sub 2} FeGa {sub 0.5} Ge {sub 0.5}/Ag/Co {sub 2} FeGa {sub 0.5} Ge {sub 0.5} current …
JW Jung, Y Sakuraba, TT Sasaki, K Hono, Y Miura
Applied Physics Letters 108 (10), 2016
Tunneling magnetoresistance of perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction using L10 FePt electrodes on MgO/CrRu/TiN under-layers
C Soo Kim, JW Jung, D Choi, M Sahashi, MH Kryder
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (17), 17C739, 2014
Multiple phase change structure for the scalable phase change random access memory array
JM Lee, Y Saito, Y Sutou, J Koike, JW Jung, M Sahashi, YH Song
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 53 (4), 041801, 2014
Enhancement of interfacial specific resistance by the insertion of Fe(001) layers between alternate monatomic [Fe/Co]n superlattices and Ag spacer
JW Jung, Y Shiokawa, Z Jin, M Doi, M Sahashi
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 07B707, 2012
Bulk and near-interface magnetic properties of Co2Fe (Ga0. 5Ge0. 5) Heusler alloy explored by magnetic circular dichroism in hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
JW Jung, Y Sakuraba, TT Sasaki, Y Miura, A Yasui, LSR Kumara, ...
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