Brian Patrick English
Brian Patrick English
HHMI/ Janelia Research Campus
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Lattice light-sheet microscopy: imaging molecules to embryos at high spatiotemporal resolution
BC Chen, WR Legant, K Wang, L Shao, DE Milkie, MW Davidson, ...
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High-performance probes for light and electron microscopy
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RNA Polymerase II cluster dynamics predict mRNA output in living cells
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Inferring transient particle transport dynamics in live cells
N Monnier, Z Barry, HY Park, KC Su, Z Katz, BP English, A Dey, K Pan, ...
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Positive allosteric feedback regulation of the stringent response enzyme RelA by its product
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Tracking Surface Glycans on Live Cancer Cells with Single‐Molecule Sensitivity
H Jiang, BP English, RB Hazan, P Wu, B Ovryn
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Rapid dynamics of general transcription factor TFIIB binding during preinitiation complex assembly revealed by single-molecule analysis
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A three-camera imaging microscope for high-speed single-molecule tracking and super-resolution imaging in living cells
BP English, RH Singer
Biosensing and Nanomedicine VIII 9550, 955008, 2015
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