Juyeon Chung
Juyeon Chung
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Wind-tunnel study of scalar transfer phenomena for surfaces of block arrays and smooth walls with dry patches
J Chung, A Hagishima, N Ikegaya, J Tanimoto
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Returning and net escape probabilities of contaminant at a local point in indoor environment
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Numerical sensitivity analyses for identifying rate-limiting factors influencing total energy exchange efficiency in energy recovery ventilator
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Understanding the structure of contaminant concentration field in the presence of chemical reaction and turbulence diffusion in indoor environment using net escape velocity
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A wind tunnel study on effect of scalar transport between urban-like block array and air
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A Study on the Similarity between Scalar and Momentum Roughness Lengths based on the Scalar Concentration Measurement
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Performance evaluation of heat exchange element by numerical model
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Development of numerical heat and mass transfer model for predicting total heat exchange performance in Energy Recovery Ventilator
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化学反応と乱流拡散を考慮した汚染物質濃度場形成の Net Escape Velocity 概念を用いた構造理解
鄭朱娟, 伊藤一秀
日本建築学会環境系論文集 84 (761), 661-669, 2019
Experimental Study on Scalar Transport Phenomena between Urban Surfaces and Atmosphere
鄭朱娟, ジョンジュヨン
九州大学, 2016
都市表面のスカラーソース偏在と粗度がスカラーバルク係数に及ぼす影響の解明: 第二報 バルク係数のソースサイズ依存性及びスカラー粗度長 (都市キャノピー流れのモデル化, 環境工学 II, 学術講演会・建築デ …
鄭朱娟, 萩島理, 池谷直樹, 谷本潤
学術講演梗概集 2015, 759-760, 2015
都市表面のスカラーソース偏在と粗度がスカラーバルク係数に及ぼす影響: 第一報 実験概要及びバルク係数の測定結果 (都市キャノピー流れのモデル化, 環境工学 II, 学術講演会・建築デザイン発表会)
萩島理, 鄭朱娟, 池谷直樹, 谷本潤
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Similarity between velocity and scalar profiles over cubical block array
N Ikegaya, J Chung, A Hagishima, J Tanimoto
Journal of Environmental Engineering (Japan) 80 (711), 451-459, 2015
池谷直樹, 鄭朱娟, 萩島理, 谷本潤
日本建築学会環境系論文集 80 (711), 451-459, 2015
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